Kim Kardashian posts obscure messages after Kanye West’s wedding

People and royalty The star amazed with a salvo of punchlines worthy of her ex-husband. A series of surprising messages. Kim Kardashian published two enigmatic posts on her Instagram account, which have since been deleted, after the announcement of Kanye West’s marriage to Bianca Censori, designer for her brand Yeezy. Read also > In tears, … Read more

Video: Deputy posts video extolling terrorist invasion in Congress

Clarissa Tércio (PP), elected federal deputy with the second highest number of votes in Pernambuco, in the last elections, shared content praising anti-democratic acts carried out by extremist bolsonaristas this Sunday (8/1), in Brasilia. “We just took power. We are inside Congress. All people are up here. This will go down in history, the history … Read more

Swiss National Bank posts biggest loss in 116-year history – Banking & Finance

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) will not deliver dividends, for the second time in its 116-year history, due to yet another record loss recorded last year, which exceeds by five times the record reached in 2021, according to the results. central bank preliminary data, cited by Bloomberg. The central bank expects to record an annual … Read more

Return to Posts After MBTA Vaccination Mandate Reversed – NBC Connecticut

Eight people will be offered their jobs at the MBTA after the transit agency rescinded its vaccination mandate for its workforce, according to information provided by an MBTA spokesperson. In an email to MBTA employees on Dec. 2, general manager Steve Poftak wrote that the agency was waiving T’s vaccine policy, which required full vaccination … Read more

Instagram: how to mute someone you follow from seeing their posts in your feed? | tutorials

Son millions of users who use Instagram to share photos and videos. If you are one of them, it is likely that at some point you have come across posts from people you follow but are not interested in seeing. In case you already you do not want it to appear in your feed everything … Read more

“My smile reappears on my face”: Stéphane Plaza posts a poignant message over the Christmas weekend

Stéphane Plaza is often associated with good humor and freshness. The animator, highly appreciated by the public, is willingly teaser and has the easy verb. And yet, the enchanting period of Christmas is not really for him. Indeed, after the death of his dear mother in 2016, the end of year celebrations remained a difficult … Read more

New COVID vaccination posts

From Thursday, December 1, residents will be able to visit the new points set up in the district without prior registration. Tres de Febrero continues to assist families with the necessary care to prevent COVID 19. For this reason, from December 1, those who wish to start, complete or reinforce the vaccination scheme will be … Read more

Cerronistas and supporters of Castillo continue in their posts or were promoted | POLITICS

The administration of Pedro CastilloIn addition to the serious indications of corruption, it may well be remembered in the pages of history as one in which the public function was dynamited, in order to rudely open the way to cronyism and the payment of political quotas in the different estates. of the State. “This is … Read more

What are the posts in CABA and Buenos Aires

Before him increase in infections covid-19, the Buenos Aires government and that of the province of Buenos Aires arranged new posts to inocularse against him coronavirus. While in the Federal Capital it is now mandatory to take shift to be able to get vaccinatedin the Buenos Aires district, the demand continues to be spontaneous. For … Read more