Instagram will allow you to prioritize posts from friends

September 13, 2021 – 13:09 Instagram users will be able to create their own favorites list, which will be identified with a different icon. Inside, there will also be a search bar Instagram works on a solution that prevents the user from missing the latest publications of his friends and his creators favorite content by … Read more

Official Blocking Posts Stopped, Thousands of Vehicles Forced to Turn Back

PALANGKA RAYA – The post blocking activities for monitoring and checking the inflow of people as well as the transportation of goods and passengers at the Palangka Raya-Pulang Pisau border has officially been stopped. During operation, the post has forced thousands of vehicles of various types to turn around because they do not meet the … Read more

YouTube opens Community posts to more creators

YouTube creators will be able to more easily get the opportunity to post Community posts. The platform has indeed lowered the number of subscribers needed to have this facility to communicate with its subscribers and YouTube users. Community Posts allow creators to bond with their fans outside of videos. Creators can thus give their subscribers … Read more

Condolence Posts for Megawati Hoax

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — PMI DKI Jakarta denied making and spreading condolence uploads with photos similar to the General Chairperson of PDIP Megawati Soekarnoputri. PMI DKI stated that the upload was a hoax. “Flyer The condolences that resemble Mrs. Megawati on behalf of PMI DKI Jakarta are fake news or hoaxes,” said PMI DKI Jakarta … Read more

So sad! “Emmy Morakot” posts pain after sudden loss of aunt

On September 8, 64, another loss that is really difficult to deal with. “Emmy Morakot” After losing his beloved Auntie never to return Even though it’s been 5 days, Emmy says she still can’t get over it. Because everything happened very quickly, unexpectedly. I hope time heals everything. Said that if you don’t meet yourself, … Read more

WhatsApp moderators can read your posts without your consent

Calta system? A new ProPublica report on WhatsApp’s content moderation system says it’s simply not true. We knew that there were WhatsApp moderators, that WhatsApp passed metadata to law enforcement, and that the company had been sharing user data for a long time. This report reveals more clearly the practices that Facebook has deliberately concealed … Read more

Failed to join Real Madrid, Kylian Mbappe deletes posts on Instagram

TWITTER.COM/PSG Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe has deleted a post on Instagram after failing to join Real Madrid in the 2021 summer transfer window. BOLASPORT.COM – Star Paris Saint Germain, Kylian Mbappe, deleted posts on Instagram after failing to join Real Madrid on transfer market summer 2021. Kylian Mbappe failed to migrate to Real Madrid … Read more

Shell returns to Portugal and prepares network expansion – Energy

Seventeen years later, the yellow shell is back on Portuguese roads. After abandoning the domestic fuel market in 2004, Shell returns through the Spanish group Disa, which owns Prio. Since the end of last year, 14 Shell service stations have opened across the country, confirms the company to Negócios. The expansion plan is being finalized. … Read more

BVC posts one of the best performances in Q2-2021

The Casablanca Stock Exchange is among the Arab stock exchanges that showed good looks during the second quarter of 2021, according to the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF). The Casablanca stock market index recorded the fourth largest increase, 5.51%, ahead of the stock markets of Saudi Arabia (+ 5.7%), Amman (+ 7.93%) and Beirut (+ 11.66%), … Read more