5 ways to prevent transmission of monkey pox, recognize the symptoms and the process of transmission

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Monkeypox or monkeypox is now re-spread in various parts of the world. Transmission monkey pox this can happen from animal to animal, or from animal to human. Transmission can also occur through direct contact, through body fluids, to the air. Quote from kemkes.go.idthis monkeypox can actually heal itself after 2-4 weeks of incubation. … Read more

Johan Nilsson: That’s why it matters what monkey pox is called

The World Health Organization’s statement came after about 30 researchers a few days earlier had argued for a name change in an article in the journal Virological. “The outbreak we see today is global, which is why all references to the virus being African are not only incorrect, but also discriminatory and stigmatizing,” they write. … Read more

Monkey pox is not a global health crisis

World Health Organization (WHO) conclusion was presented on Saturday after the experts in the organization’s crisis committee met two days earlier. It states that the outbreak cannot be classified as a public health crisis of international concern – which is the highest threat level on the WHO scale. However, the Committee states that comprehensive measures … Read more

WHO: Monkey pox is not an international threat to human health

The apkopps virus has been present in central and western Africa for decades and is endemic to certain parts of the continent, ie constantly occurring at a relatively constant level. This year, Africa has identified over 1,500 suspected cases, of which 66 have led to death. But since the virus began to spread outside Africa … Read more

WHO gathered for ‘monkey pox’! Will a global emergency be declared?

In a written statement from the World Health Organization, it was reported that the WHO emergency committee will convey its recommendations for the evaluation of the monkeypox epidemic in the International Public Health Emergency (PHEIC) category to the WHO management in the coming days. Speaking to the press after the meeting, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros … Read more

Danger! Herpes Zoster aka Coxed Snake Pox Can Cause Death?

Sonora.ID – Herpes zoster or better known as snake pox is a disease characterized by the appearance of a red rash or usually there are also water-filled bumps on any part of the body. This condition is usually accompanied by discomfort such as pain and usually the sufferer feels a blister or heat on the … Read more

WHO in crisis meeting on monkey pox – risk of increase this summer

If smallpox is classified as an international threat to health, the WHO may issue temporary recommendations on how to prevent the disease and prevent it from spreading further. Already last week, the WHO together with the EU’s infection control authority ECDC warned that this summer’s festivals and events could increase the spread. The Public Health … Read more

Monkey pox. UK wants to vaccinate ‘at risk’ gay men

The British health agency on Tuesday recommended the vaccination against monkeypox of gay men considered “at risk”. Included in this category are homosexuals who have multiple partners. This audience is particularly affected by the recent spread. Usually circulating in Central and West Africa, monkeypox is, outside of Europe, now present in Australia, the Middle East, … Read more