The driver is not paid if the passenger is not given the opportunity to pray

Jakarta – PO Haryanto always provides opportunities for passengers who wish to perform prayer services, especially the dawn prayer. This rule has been confirmed in writing by the owner, Haji Haryanto. If a driver violates the law, then the penalty is not being paid for one route. PO Haryanto is known as one of the … Read more

“Pray for him.” A famous artist enters operations after suffering a sudden health crisis

The great artist, Muhammad Al-Taji, was subjected to a sudden health crisis, after which he was transferred to one of the major hospitals, after which he underwent some necessary medical examinations and analyzes, and then underwent a surgical operation, the details of which were not disclosed, during his post on the social networking site “Facebook”, … Read more

“Yuanshin” releases version 3.4 event newsletter to hold an event to pray for “the opening of the red group”, “Sun Ni Tian” and “Genshin Impact”

Open multi-platform world action RPG by HoYoverseGenshin“(iOS/Android/PC/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5) today (17th) released the 3.4 version of the event bulletin, synchronously previewing the event to pray for the “Red Regiment Opening Time” and “Sun Niu Tian” will open on February 7th. 3.4 version event bulletin “When the Red Group Opens” Prayer: The probability of “Snowy Plum … Read more

Bartje actor Jan Krol (60) from ‘I pray not for brown beans’ passed away | Movies & Series

Actor Jan Krol passed away at the age of sixty, reports RTV Drenthe Monday. He became nationally known in 1972 as a leading actor in the drama series Bart. The popular series, about a poor family in Drenthe, appeared in seven parts at the end of 1972 on NCRV. Son Bartje is increasingly opposed to … Read more

Profile of Lord Tariq Ahmad, the British Minister who was determined to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque even though he was confronted by the Zionist Army

loading… British Minister for the Middle East Lord Tariq Ahmad (second right) visits the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Photo/twitter LONDON – British Minister for the Middle East Lord Tariq Ahmad had become a hot topic of conversation after visiting the Al-Aqsa Mosque and taking time to pray there. Quoting the Middle East Monitor page, Monday (16/1/2023), Tariq … Read more

People pray for bloated Baskov after his sentimental statement

The artist made an appeal. Nikolai Baskov, who is experiencing serious health problems, touched the audience. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: The past year, 2022, was incredibly difficult for vocalist Nikolai Baskov. The artist faced serious health problems. The handsome blond man swelled beyond recognition and lost the ability to move normally. The celebrity … Read more

Thai Pray For ‘Miracle’ Due To Sick Princess Bajrakitiyabha | Royals

Earlier this month, 44-year-old Bajrakitiyabha was rushed to hospital after losing consciousness. According to the palace, this was due to a heart problem. The court further only reported that her condition has “stabilized to some extent”. However, little is known about her exact condition. Rumors are circulating that the princess is brain dead. Due to … Read more