The Institute of War predicts an increase in the intensity of hostilities in Ukraine in the coming weeks

US experts say that Ukrainian and Russian reports from the front lines in eastern and southern Ukraine, including from Svatove, Bakhmut and Vuhledar, indicate that operations on both sides are currently being hampered by heavy rain and mud. However, meteorologists predict that temperatures will drop and the ground will freeze in Ukraine next week, which … Read more

Humans Can Live on the Moon This Decade, NASA Predicts – Lantern Today

HOUSTON (Lenteratoday)– NASA’s latest prediction, humans can live on the Moon for a long time this decade. Some time ago, NASA itself launched the Artemis rocket, bringing the Orion spacecraft with it. Orion spacecraft leader Howard Hu said the mission would require habitat support. “We are working on an ongoing program and the craft will … Read more

Protests burned all over Shanghai and other big cities! She predicts that China will end the zero clearing ahead of time and may exit in a “disorderly and chaotic” manner | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

International Center / Reported by You Yalan ▲The “white paper revolution” is blooming everywhere in China. (Picture / Reposted from Twitter) China’s zero-zero policy has been maintained for nearly three years, and the high pressure brought by the epidemic prevention has caused public grievances. Goldman Sachs Group recently issued a report stating that it is … Read more

Pantera Capital’s Mathematical Model Predicts Bitcoin’s Next All-Time High and When It Should Happen

While Bitcoin (BTC) is still looking to consolidate the bottom of the current bearish cycle, the cryptocurrency investment fund Pantera Capital developed a mathematical model to estimate the price of BTC in the next bull market. Featured in the November issue of Pantera Blockchain Letter, the mathematical model is based on the model stock-to-flow and … Read more

Alpiq vice president predicts continued lack of energy

Winter is still long, warns Michael Wider (archives). Photo: KEYSTONE/PETER SCHNEIDER Switzerland must prepare to live for several more years with a lack of energy, warns the vice-president of the electrical group Alpiq. Even if Switzerland should pass the winter without shortage, it is still too early to raise the alert, he adds. Several of … Read more

A veteran soccer player predicts Who will win the World Cup? – BBC News Thailand

November 19, 2022 The 2022 World Cup kicks off in Qatar on Nov. 20 and ends on Dec. 18. Over 28 days, 32 national teams will play 64 games. Let’s take a look at the former football veteran’s predictions about who will be champions this time around. Alan Shearer Argentina It will be a great … Read more

A public health expert predicts what will happen to covid vaccination: how often and who will it be for

Vaccination against Covid-19 continues to be object of study for science due to the evolution of the virus itself and, two years after the start of the pandemic, it continues to raise some doubts among the population. Currently, in Spain it is being administered updated bivalent vaccines which are adapted to the new variants, including … Read more

Abnormal brain scan predicts dementia – ICT&health

In research into the origin of the disease of Alzheimer For several years now, researchers have been able to visualize the proteins that cause this degenerative brain disease using PET brain scans. Researcher Rik Ossen Koppele and colleagues collected the scan data from 1,325 individuals who participated in international studies conducted in the Netherlands, Sweden, … Read more

JPMorgan Bank predicts Bitcoin collapse to $13,000

Bitcoin is headed for $13,000. Source: The well-known bank JPMorgan believes that Bitcoin could fall as low as $13,000 due to FTX crash, which shook the entire cryptocurrency market. This would mean that the price of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world would fall below production costs, which are currently around $15,000. Although recent … Read more