Preliminary agreement on new EU legislation on serious cross-border threats to health

Negotiators between the Council and the European Parliament reached a common position today on a draft regulation on serious cross-border threats to health. This text strengthens EU and Member State preparedness, monitoring, risk assessment, and early warning and response to cross-border health threats. New rules on cross – border health threats The new legislation on … Read more

FIFA official announced that the 2022 World Cup roster increased to 55 people in the 26-man preliminary list- Shangbao Indonesia

June 24, 2022 19:03 PM 126 [Netease Sports News on the 24th]FIFA officially announced on Thursday that the final list of each team for the 2022 Qatar World Cup has increased from 23 to 26, while the preliminary list has been increased from 35 to 55. FIFA officially announced that the 2022 World Cup roster … Read more

Totalcar – Magazine – Introducing the electric Passat successor

The earlier He was referred to as Aero B. the model will be presented later in June. In most markets, tall SUVs also play a major role among electric cars, but lower, car-like models are still selling well in China. Maybe that’s why they decided to unveil a new electric Volkswagen called ID.Aero in the … Read more

Harry Styles suffers as a gay cop alongside his wife in his new film

Pre-received the My Policeman to the Amazon movie in which Harry Styles stuck in a love triangle. The movie Bethan Roberts Based on his 2012 success book, in which we go to Britain in the 1950s, Tom, a police officer, falls into a particularly problematic love triangle: both a man and a woman fall in … Read more

Dwayne Johnson makes his debut as a superhero in the first preview of Black Adam

Compared to one of Dwayne Johnson’s best-earning, best-known Hollywood action heroes in recent years, the former wrestler has so far avoided superhero movies. Until now, he will be the title character of the Black Universe Black Adam, whose first preview has been released: Indiwire writesthat Black Adam is not a typical superhero, and can be … Read more

“Preliminary agreement on wheat between Turkey and Russia”. But Borrell accuses: “A large terminal destroyed in a raid” – The live broadcast

6 June 2022 23:19 Zelensky: “They want Zaporizhzhia, zero talks” The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters in Kiev that i interviews with Russia “I’m at zero level” and that the troops of Moscow aim to conquer the strategic city of Zaporizhzhia. For the president, quoted by the Guardian, the Russian advance creates a “situation … Read more

Slovácko will play the preliminary round of the European League, UEFA confirmed

“Today’s UEFA circular confirms that the MOL Cup winner has been moved from the Conference League to the European League. Slovácko will start the next season of the European Cups in the third preliminary round of the European League,” the League Football Association said on its twitter account. Slovakia recorded that the premiere year of … Read more

Preliminary results: In Denmark, a majority has voted to waive the prerogative of EU defense policy

In a referendum in Denmark on Wednesday, a majority of participants strongly supported the waiver of the current exclusive right not to participate in the European Union’s (EU) common defense policy, preliminary results show. After counting 99% of the ballot papers, the election commission has stated that 66.9% of the participants in the referendum voted … Read more

The preliminary lineup of the national rock climbing training team for the Hangzhou Asian Games will be released without stopping for the Paris Olympics

The preliminary lineup of the national rock climbing training team for the Hangzhou Asian Games will be released without stopping for the Paris Olympics Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau released sports events Qinghai sports event information is released in a timely manner, dynamic events are presented in an all-round way, and you can feel the perfect … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t looked so stupid yet

Because of the amazing financial success of Bohemian Rhapsody, we will be drowning in musical biographies in the coming years, there will be a film about Elvis, Madonna, Whitney Houston. But presumably none of them will be as diligent as what was made of “Weird Al” Yankovic, a giant parody in the 1980s, with Daniel … Read more