Fewer EU citizens died prematurely due to air pollution in 2019

The number of people who die prematurely due to air pollution is decreasing. In 2019, around 307,000 deaths in the European Union were attributable to breathing polluted air, reports the European Environment Agency (EEA) Monday. That is a decrease of about 10 percent compared to a year earlier. Exposure to particulate matter is a major … Read more

Vaccination call from woman who gave birth prematurely due to Covid-19 – News

Vaccination call from woman who gave birth prematurely due to Covid-19 Demir, who caught the coronavirus with her husband in the 7th month of her pregnancy, was taken to the intensive care unit of Karabük University Training and Research Hospital after her condition worsened. Demir, whose baby was first taken by cesarean section, was intubated … Read more

A new breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19: the results are so convincing that it is recommended to end the study prematurely

If approved by the pharmacovigilance agencies, it will be the first pill to treat COVID-19, and the weapons arsenal that already includes vaccines will be supplemented with a completely new and easy-to-use tool. “I can say that we will definitely consider launching further expertise on this medicine in the coming days,” Marco Cavaleri, head of … Read more

6 million children are born prematurely every year due to air pollution

A study conducted in the USA revealed that 6 million children are born prematurely every year due to air pollution. Sozcu.com.tr Release: 11:53 – September 29, 2021 Rakesh Ghosh, an epidemiologist at the University of California in the USA, conducted an important study on the effects of air pollution. Examining data in 204 countries, Ghosh … Read more

Caught in the Delta variant! She gave birth prematurely

Merve and Melih Pala couple living in Kocaeli caught the coronavirus. Merve Pala, who was not vaccinated during her pregnancy, was hospitalized due to the worsening of her condition. Merve Pala, whose disease progressed despite the treatments, was taken to the intensive care unit. Merve Pala was taken to the service after being treated here … Read more

“Smallville” star Allison Mack is prematurely behind bars

Updated on September 16, 2021, 9:00 a.m. Actress Allison Mack has apparently been in jail for a few days. This is reported by the US online newspaper “TMZ”. The convicted “Smallville” star should not start his three-year prison sentence until the end of September. You can find more star news here The US actress Allison … Read more

Top 10 mistakes that prematurely age the skin

NOT CLEANING MAKE-UP As we always say, you should remove all make-up before going to bed at night! You should clean your skin even if you wear very little make-up. In fact, the sooner you clean your face after a day out, the better. Pollution and make-up accumulated on the skin surface throughout the day … Read more

This is why she left prematurely!

Sympathetic redhead with the viewer Telerána spoke for more than 16 years. However Adriana moved to Austria for love, while it was to end in the Marquis at the end of July. After all, everything is different and we will not see the charismatic confectionery in the morning session as a moderator. Aďka Poláková and … Read more

Samsung happens to be showing off the Galaxy Z Fold 2 prematurely

Samsung will hold an event on September 1 this year where the manufacturer will present the new Galaxy Z Fold 2. New information about the model has now been received. Samsung has recently released a video showing that the model will have a 6.7 inch screen with 120Hz refresh rate. In addition to this, Samsung … Read more

“It’s brutally difficult for me”: Metro boss resigns prematurely

An era is ending at the Metro retail group: the long-time Metro boss Koch is turning his back on the wholesaler and is not extending his contract, which runs until March 2022. The supervisory board will deal with the matter in the short term, it says. The wholesale group Metro has to look for a … Read more