Grupo Aje: “We are preparing to enter new food categories” | August Bauer | ECONOMY

How was the first semester? We’ve done well, with double-digit growth, and that progress has somehow offset the increase in the cost of inputs. It is the global situation, and in all industries, especially in ours with the increase in the price of resin, sugar. In itself there has been a rise in the cost … Read more

Jimin could be preparing his new solo album and here are the proofs

Currently each member is achieving success in their personal career, although Jimin Some suspicions have been heard, so it is believed that tests of his new material would be being made, as a soloist, according to speculation his new debut, as a second member when releasing a new album. According to the pause of their … Read more

Russia is actively preparing for a referendum on the annexation of the occupied territories, the British report

Moscow is believed to be actively preparing for a referendum on the annexation of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DNR) for Russiahowever, it is not clear whether a final decision has already been made on the start of the vote, the British Ministry of Defense reported on Monday in its daily report on the situation … Read more

Security expert: Russia is already preparing to change its strategy – don’t repeat the mistakes

According to a security strategist, “Russia’s war against Ukraine is undergoing changes that could have serious consequences.” “Russia is no longer achieving anything in this war. Contrary to what was announced, nothing is going according to plan,” writes Mr. Krause in the Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Only subscribers can read the entire article By … Read more

The team of the local box office hit “Criminal Excellence Fund” is preparing a new film

While introducing the content of the film, the representative of the filmmakers, Sergejs Timonins, noted that the criminal police investigator Roman Skulte is at the center of it. He is full of enthusiasm and desire to change the world by cleaning it from crime, corruption and everything else that he can think of. He quickly … Read more

Renée Martel’s daughter is preparing a project in tribute to her mother

Renée Martel’s daughter is currently preparing a record project that will pay tribute to her mother’s musical repertoire. In her own way, Laurence Lebel highlights the common passion that united mother and daughter: music. • Read also: A touching farewell to Renée Martel Laurence Lebel has been navigating the music industry since her early childhood, … Read more

Summer is preparing its grand finale and you might like it

Good news The next few weeks promise to be quite pleasant as far as temperatures are concerned. If you hate high humidity, be aware that a bottom of dry air should dominate during the second and third weeks of the month. First, the mercury should stay close to seasonal norms. Thereafter, a gradual rise is … Read more

The Israeli army is preparing for a “week-long operation” against militants in the Gaza Strip / Article

Air raid sirens sounded in several southern Israeli cities on Saturday morning, an Israeli military official said, adding that 190 rockets had been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel since Friday. The Israeli army said the rockets fell in unpopulated areas or were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system. 36 rockets failed … Read more

Intel is preparing to move everyone in the video card market

Intel Arc A750 Hero / Photo: Intel If you do not take into account the card-“plug” Xe DG1 (level NVIDIA GTX 1030) from Intel in 2020, the company has not produced a single discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) since 1999. Of course, brand processors are equipped with proprietary integrated graphics, but all its functions come … Read more

Preparing for school stress-free: what tricks of the tradesmen you should know about

Brands and products speak numbers. Enticing discounts and special offers for the most loyal. Additional prizes. The width of the assortment. Fun shopping atmosphere. Price competitiveness and delivery speed. Attention not only to the office, but also to the nutrition of schoolchildren. Witty slogans in advertisements. Both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce networks work to shift consumers … Read more