ALL NEW TOYOTA YARIS ATIV launches for the first time in the world Ready to launch the newest Presenter BamBam GOT7

Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. launches the latest compact sedan under the philosophy “People beloved car” or “everyone’s favorite car” along with a sales package that will make the owner ALL NEW. YARIS ATIV GETS MORE THAN A CAR with the best experience This makes customers gain value, convenience and the highest satisfaction in ownership. … Read more

The manufacturer of extreme buses from Prague shone in Top Gear. The presenter conquered the volcano with him

The bus that goes everywhere The Torsus brand belongs to the Pulsar Expo company, which is a family business focused on the modification and production of cars for extreme situations. The company realized that when there is a need to transport a large number of people over difficult terrain, a convoy of off-road vehicles such … Read more

Roger Waters considered Joe Biden a “war criminal” and starred in a heated argument with a CNN presenter

The famous founder of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters is currently in the United States, as part of his tour This Is Not A Drill. There, he gave an interview to CNN this Saturday morning, to talk about his music and his vision of world reality, and He ended up getting into a heated argument with … Read more

Roberta Capua, live drama for the presenter: very serious episode

The host of Summer Live, Roberta Capua, was shocked by what happened during yesterday’s episode. What we are experiencing is a complicated summer. Not only has global warming favored the average rise in temperatures and the constant arrival of exceptional heatwaves, but we are also experiencing a profound global crisis triggered first by covid and … Read more

The Slovak presenter took her clothes off: She showed her PREGNANT belly in her underwear!

When Soňa announced that she would become a mother of two, she published a beautiful picture on her Instagram with her little son, who was gently pressed against her growing belly. Currently, the charming presenter showed off a bolder image, in which she is a bit rounder and poses only in her underwear. Oh, how … Read more

A beautiful Algerian presenter.. She forgot that she was on the live broadcast, and what she did without an iota of shame sparked the anger of all Algerians.! ! (video)

An old video was spread on the famous YouTube video site about an Algerian broadcaster and what she did during the live broadcast. The presenter appeared on the live broadcast in front of thousands of audience, confused and uneasy. In the details, Algerian websites reported that the announcer was confused after he gave her an … Read more

here is who replaces Cyril Detaeye

Published on Friday, August 5, 2022 at 5:16 p.m. Signed Ciné-Télé-Revue From next week, from August 9 to 16, Thibaut Roland will take control of the “8/9”. This summer, VivaCité listeners will find Cyril Detaeye in the “8/9” and the “8/9 continues”. A program which is also offered on television on the front page. Exceptionally, … Read more

SRF presenter Fabienne Gyr – happiness in love and in the job – news

contents The popular presenter is newly married – her single name “Bamert” does not mourn afterwards. Fabienne Bamert moves routinely on the TV floor. Since 2020, the Zug native has been known to the SRF audience as the “Samschtig-Jass” and “SRF bi de Lüt – Live” presenter. But not only professionally, but also privately, things … Read more

The astonishing reconversion of Maryse Rolland, our former weather presenter

More than two decades later, we found Maryse Rolland. Our journalist Amélie Schildt was preparing a topic for the 7 p.m. newspaper on remedial courses, for 400 young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods, taught by future teachers. Among the latter, our former weather presenter, whose CV has grown considerably since… After leaving RTLTVI in 1999, the … Read more

A famous and very beautiful presenter, her clothes were torn during the live broadcast, and her underwear appeared in front of the viewers.!! (Watch a very embarrassing video)

British broadcaster Josie Gibson was embarrassed after her clothes were torn from the bottom, revealing the underwear she tried to hide in front of viewers. The video, as it appears, was from last year, but it made quite a stir yesterday, as Josie was on a trip to the woods to shoot a report and … Read more