The Prevalence of Leprosy in Children is High, This is the Effort of the Ministry of Health

loading… JAKARTA – Based on data from the Ministry of Health ( Ministry of Health ) as of January 13, 2021, new cases leprosy in children reached 9.14%. This figure has not yet reached the government’s target, which is below 5%. Acting Director General of Disease Prevention and Control Dr.dr. Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, DHSM. MARS … Read more

In the later stage of the epidemic, why did the prevalence rate remain unchanged but the mortality rate decreased? -“The Great Influenza: A History of Deadly Plague”-PanSci

Vaughan believes that the cold virus poses a threat to human civilization. In fact, some diseases depend on civilization. Measles is an example. Since measles is immune to measles for a lifetime, it is difficult for measles virus to survive in small towns because there are not enough humans to infect it. If no one … Read more

Growing Prevalence Of In Vitro Fertilization Devices Market Investment Plans And Expansion Analysis – Torretriangular Insights has recently published a new informative report on the industry Global In Vitro Fertilization Devices Titled like, In Vitro Fertilization Devices for its huge database that helps shape the future of businesses by making well-informed business decisions. The report produces on the global In Vitro Fertilization Devices industry discusses a different variety of … Read more

Growing Prevalence Of In Vitro Fertilization Devices Market Factor A Factor Assessment And Pestel Analysis

In Vitro Fertilization Devices Market Report Provides Comprehensive Assessment of the market for the forecast period (2021-2030). The report covers various segments, as well as an analysis of the trends and factors that are playing a prominent role in the market. These factors; Market dynamics involves drivers, constraints, opportunities, and challenges through which it indicates … Read more

highest prevalence in the world and without effective treatment

Diana CastanedaLatin Agency for News of Medicine and Public Health Currently, lung cancer is still the most prevalent worldwide, it is estimated that in the United States there are about 230,000 cases and approximately 176,000 deaths a year are related to this disease. “This compared to ailments like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), … Read more

With the growing prevalence of Covid-19 in Lithuania and Estonia, calls for travel to be evaluated in the “Baltic Bubble”

With the growing prevalence of Covid-19 in Lithuania and Estonia, the need to travel to these countries should be carefully considered, but if it is really necessary, all precautions should be taken, Ilze Arāja, a representative of the Latvian Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC), emphasized. A foreigner who has a 14-day cumulative number … Read more

Health guards: the prevalence of salmonellosis in hot weather – Health

Specialists of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC) remind that in the summer, the incidence of intestinal infections (salmonellosis, campylobacteriosis, food toxic infections, etc.) increases. This trend is closely linked to the preparation of food in unsuitable outdoor conditions, inadequate storage of prepared food and insufficient observance of personal hygiene requirements. In 2020, … Read more

Hypothyroidism: prevalence, diagnosis and treatment

Eduardo NajarLatin News Agency for Medicine and Public Health The disease that affects the metabolism in the body has a treatment and habits to manage it Hypothyroidism is a very common disease and attacks the majority of the world population, it is a disease that has various origins and can appear at any age, exclusively … Read more

Has hydroxychloroquine been used mainly by the wealthy?

Question asked on 05/15/2020 Hello, You draw our attention to an article by Forbes, which is roughly the translation of another, which appeared in Provence May 10, and titled “Coronavirus: the explosion of prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine”. We read in particular: “Patients who have had access to hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of Covid-19 are generally more … Read more

COVID-19 Deaths Drop in New York; New Jersey sees record increase – Telemundo New York (47)

What you should know More than 27,000 lives have been lost to date. New York alone has reported 18,321 deaths, although the actual number is probably higher; the state overshadowed 300.00 confirmed cases Thursday To help protect essential workers, New York subways will close between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. every night to fully disinfect … Read more