Cobach joins actions to combat and prevent breast cancer

The Colegio de Bachilleres de Guerrero joined the efforts and actions in favor of health to combat breast cancer. The general director of the Colegio de Bachilleres in the state, Fermín Alvarado Arroyo, said that it seeks to raise awareness about the importance of early detection, in order to improve the prognosis and survival of … Read more

Call to prevent breast cancer

RIOVERDE.- This year 7 new cases of breast cancer have been detected, 2 in Rioverde, 1 Villa Juárez, 1 Santa Catarina, 1 Ciudad del Maíz, 1 Cárdenas and 1 Ciudad Fernández. Last Monday, in the module installed in front of the Municipal Palace, 100 breast examinations were carried out, and four women were sent to … Read more

London scientists develop a vaccine to prevent three types of cancer

Barcelona.- Scientists from the Francis Crick Institute in London have designed a vaccine to treat and prevent lung cancer, intestine and pancreas, whose first laboratory tests with mice have shown promise. The researchers plan to present the results of this trial next Sunday, October 25, at the 32nd EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and cancer … Read more

They present a proposal “Let’s add kilometers to help prevent breast cancer”

Yesterday morning, the Secretary of Sports and Municipal Recreation, Mariela Sánchez Uribe together with Lucy Huichulef de Alcec (Fight Against Cancer Association) Esquel reported on the initiative that proposes to raise awareness about the importance of annual medical check-ups and periodic reviews to be able to detect breast cancer early. INVITE TO ADD KILOMETERSBeing physically … Read more

Tips to prevent Covid-19 infections inside a car

Cars are considered a focus of contagion during the current pandemic caused by the coronavirus Covid-19, due to its closed environment, its ability to transport several people simultaneously, and the frequent contact to which its passengers are exposed with the surfaces internal. Given these sanitary circumstances, it is important that you reinforce the habits of … Read more

ATI carries out a campaign aimed at its workers to prevent breast cancer

By Redacción @PortalPortuario More than 20 ATI workers who signed up to undergo a mammogram examination, within the framework of the “Checkéate, Te toca Tarte” campaign, which aims to prevent breast cancer, considering that in Chile every 3 hours it is diagnosed to a woman with this pathology. “It is very important that our … Read more

FACUA asks to change the regulations to prevent Apple from selling its iPhone without the charger | Technology

Apple’s decision to no longer include wired chargers and headphones in its mobile boxes has generated mixed opinions. FACUA asks that the regulations be changed to prevent companies from “selling technological products without all their necessary components.” A week ago Apple announced that their phones will no longer include the charger and wired headphones in … Read more

Consumer network demands measures to prevent iPhone 12 from being sold without charger

Facua-Consumidores en Acción has demanded that the Ministry of Consumption take measures to prevent manufacturers of electronic devices from selling them without all the necessary components for their use, after Apple announced that the iPhone 12 will no longer include the power adapter the charger in the box. Last week, Apple presented its new family … Read more

18-O in Plaza Italia: protesters are dispersed to prevent damage to the statue of General Baquedano | National

News in Development We are gathering more background on this news, stay tuned for updates. Prior to 10:00 hours this Monday, the first people to demonstrate in Plaza Baquedano, in the Metropolitan region, within the framework of the commemoration of the first year of the so-called social outbreak. The first to gather were two groups … Read more