There is an Internet Doomsday Threat on Earth, Can it Be Prevented?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The threat of an internet apocalypse has become one of the most discussed topics after University of California researcher Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi released a report entitled Solar Superstorms: Planning for an Internet Apocalypse. Can it be prevented? The internet apocalypse is described when most of the internet connections on Earth are … Read more

Ankara prevented those involved in the killing of the Egyptian Attorney General from leaving

On Tuesday, Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath TV sources reported that Ankara prevented those involved in the killing of the Egyptian Public Prosecutor from leaving. The sources said that Turkey imposed new restrictions on Yahya Moussa and Alaa Al-Samahi, confirming the decision to prevent them from leaving Turkey until further notice. Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath sources added that … Read more

“Governo Sombra” has a new name: “Program Whose Name We Are Legally Prevented from Saying” – Current Events

“Program Whose Name We Are Legally Impeded to Say” will be the new name for “Governo Sombra”, a program by Carlos Vaz Marques, João Miguel Tavares, Pedro Mexia and Ricardo Araújo Pereira. The news was announced by the former TSF journalist on social networks. “We’ve changed the name, but we haven’t changed the essence,” journalist … Read more

This prevented New Orleans from being flooded during Hurricane Ida

Half of New Orleans is below sea level. Nevertheless, the city was not flooded when Hurricane Ida swept over the city. Huge investments in flood protection have been crucial. This flood barrier, referred to as the “Great Wall of Louisiana”, is located east of downtown New Orleans. It was built after the Katrina disaster in … Read more

Warsaw. Break-in into a truck in Wola. The policemen prevented the theft of equipment and tools for PLN 15,000

Wolscy policemen prevented the theft of equipment and tools from a truck. As they report, they caught three men in the act of carrying loot to one of the blocks. Suspects will spend the next three months in pre-trial detention. They face up to ten years in prison for burglary. The report of a possible … Read more

Coronavirus in Lithuania: 212 new diseases and deaths prevented

775 people received the first dose of coronavirus daily 2834 people were vaccinated against coronavirus last day: 775 of them received the first dose and 2059 received the second dose. In the country, at least one dose of COVID-19 has been vaccinated against 1 million people. 415 thousand 161 people, in total – 1 million. … Read more

After being prevented from examining a child by a racist mother, pediatrician wins court case

Pediatrician Pedro Gomes da Costa, 53, was the target of racist comments while working. Three years later, he won the court case last July. At issue is the fact that a woman, the mother of a 20-month-old child – with thrush and high fever – insulted him during her observation. According to the Público newspaper, … Read more

Helvijs Babris evaluates what prevented him from entering the semi-finals of the BMX competition

It has already been reported that Latvian BMX cyclists Helvijs Babris and Vineta Pētersone, making their debut at the Olympic Games in Tokyo on Thursday, did not overcome the barrier of the quarterfinals. Babris finished the Olympics in 20th place, but Petersone – in 21st place. Six athletes, both men and women, took part in … Read more

This is the identity of the owner of the sedan that prevented the ambulance from picking up critical patients

A sedan is blocking the speed of an ambulance that wants to pick up critical patients in the Sawangan area, Depok, West Java. The action to block the ambulance by the sedan driver went viral on social media, Friday (30/7/2021). (Source: KOMPAS TV/EKA MARLUPY) TANGERANG SELATAN, KOMPAS.TV – The South Tangerang Police Traffic Unit already … Read more