Is it true that the smallpox vaccine is effective in preventing monkeypox? These are the notes of the former WHO boss

Jakarta – The monkeypox virus has recently caused a commotion in the world because its cases continue to increase rapidly, even spreading to non-endemic countries. Similar to COVID-19, monkeypox can generally be prevented by vaccination. One of the vaccines, namely the smallpox vaccine, is believed to provide protection from monkeypox or monkeypox. So, is it … Read more

SAS pilots support collective agreement, preventing new strikes

Hundreds of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish pilots who work for the Scandinavian airline SAS have backed the signing of a collective agreement on wages, thereby averting the threat of new strikes. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Members of the pilots’ union voted in their home country and supported a collective agreement with SAS … Read more

Lufthansa agrees to salary supplement for airport staff, preventing strikes :: Dienas Bizness

Latvian national airline “airBaltic” before the situation with spare parts supply chain problems leased part of its fleet to other airlines in the long term, so now, in order not to have to cancel its flights, the airline rents planes from others in the short term, the chairman of the board of “airBaltic” Martins Gauss … Read more

Anticipating PMK Outbreaks and Preventing Animal Theft, Zulfikar urges the public to always monitor and supervise their livestock, Banggai – Head of sub-sector Bad Iptu Lukman and Kapolsek Lamala Iptu Muhammad Zulkfikar, SH attended the 2022 APBDes meeting related to cattle and cattle assistance socialization Mouth and Foot Disease (FMD) outbreak, took place from BPU Simpangan Village District BadBanggai Regency, Central Sulawesi, Thursday (21/7/2022). Present at the activity, Simpangan Village Head Ruslan … Read more

WTT Championship Chen Meng staged a super reversal shoulder injury without preventing her from advancing to the top 16_Yang Xiaoxin_Match_Score

Original title: Chen Meng staged a super reversal in the WTT Championship, and her shoulder injury did not prevent her from advancing to the top 16 On the afternoon of July 18th, Beijing time, the first round of the men’s and women’s singles competition began at the WTT World Table Tennis Major League Championship in … Read more

in the DRC, “mentoring” for mothers with HIV and preventing transmission

Published on : 14/07/2022 – 12:04 The DRC is one of the countries most affected by HIV in Africa with a high prevalence among vulnerable groups such as women, who represent approximately 76% of people living with HIV, children, prostitutes and the LGBT+ community. On mission in Kinshasa, the global coalition to fight this virus … Read more

AstraZeneca and mRNA vaccines are the most effective in preventing fatalities

JAKARTA – A recent expert review shows the AstraZeneca vaccine and the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine provide effective equivalent protection in hospitalization and death after two doses. This review is published in Expert Review of Vaccines to see the effectiveness of the most widely used Covid-19 vaccine in the world. From the review it was found … Read more

How effective are catalytic converter protectors in preventing theft

The catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system in internal combustion engines, it serves to control and reduce harmful gases expelled by the engine. This element of the exhaust system is made up of a ceramic mesh of longitudinal channels coated with materials such as Platinum, Rhodium and Palladium located in the exhaust before … Read more

PrEP: taking on demand as effective as continuous taking in preventing HIV infection

Is on-demand pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as effective as continuous? L’ANRS-Prevention study confirms that yes in a recent study published in the “Lancet HIV”. Professor Jean-Michel Molina, who led the study, had presented intermediate results lors de la Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (Croi) 2021. The ANRS-Ipergay trialthe results of which were published in 2015 in … Read more

8 Benefits of Papuan Red Fruit, Preventing Cancer, Tumors and HIV/AIDS

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Red fruit with a latin name pandanus conoideus belongs to the family Pandanaceae. This plant is one of the endemic plants originating from Papua and spread to the Papua New Guinea area. In this area, Buah Merah can be easily found, both in the highlands and lowlands. In the page papua.itbang.pertanian.goThis red … Read more