The battle with hemorrhoids – A short guide for everyone – Health > Preventive medicine

Hemorrhoids are like unexpected guests at a party: they can be uncomfortable, a bit embarrassing and unwanted. But what exactly are hemorrhoids? These unpleasant “guests” are swollen veins in the lower part of the rectum or anus. These are like elastic blood-filled pads, quite similar in structure to a sponge. Internal hemorrhoids are located inside … Read more

World Animal Vaccination Day, “cornerstone of preventive medical care”

Animal vaccines play an important role in the management of animal health, therefore, on the occasion of the World Animal Vaccination Day that is celebrated this April 20, AnimalhealthEurope, Fecava (Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations ) and FVE (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe) wanted to draw attention to the many ways in which … Read more

nine months that the suspect is in pre-trial detention

Malcom D., barely 20 years old, has been in preventive detention in the Saint-Gilles prison for nearly nine months. “I really regret having been carrying a weapon because I felt in danger, it is illegal, I should not have”, he declared this Wednesday before the 47th chamber of the criminal court of Brussels. Read also … Read more

IMSS reinforces preventive medicine strategy for timely care of Cerebrovascular Diseases

• The Brain Code and Training Course in Mechanical Thrombectomy for Latin America involved 27 speakers, the support of specialists from 17 countries and the online participation of more than 2,000 people. The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) implemented a national strategy that involves preventive medicine in its First, Second and Third level care … Read more

Juliana Oxenford talks about her state of health after preventive surgery | gallbladder | Juliana style | show business | trcm | SHOWS

Juliana Oxenford He turned to his social networks to make a new report on his state of health after undergoing a preventive operation. In her public message, the news presenter said that she is in the process of recovery and that she will soon return to hosting her program “In the Juliana Style.” “Still with … Read more

Anti-cancer vaccines, Abrignani on Sky TG24: ‘Therapeutic, not preventive’

“The mRna technology has made it possible to develop a personalized vaccine very quickly”, explains the immunologist and professor of General Pathology at the Milan State University Your browser does not support HTML5 “In the case of cancer we are not talking about preventive vaccines but about vaccine-therapy”. This is what Sergio Abrignani, professor of … Read more

Migrant Ombudsman will denounce the Prosecutor’s Office for requesting preventive detention of undocumented foreigners

The Fundación Defensoría Migrante announced a complaint against the Prosecutor’s Office, this after the announcement by the national prosecutor, Ángel Valencia, that foreigners who are detained and do not have an identity card would be placed in preventive detention. Various migrant organizations pointed out that this measure increases discrimination and put aside the Human Rights … Read more

Tarapacá: Preventive prison for a teacher accused of producing and distributing material for the sexual exploitation of minors

The Iquique Guarantee Court left NAPT subject to the precautionary measure of preventive detention, teacher accused by the Public Ministry as author of the crimes of storage of material of sexual exploitation of minors, child sexual abuse and drug trafficking in small quantitiesyes; illicit discovered on Monday in High Hospice. In the formalization hearing, Judge … Read more