Nutritionist of the famous, Mauro Albuquerque warns: ‘Correct food prevents diseases’

Active in the field of Nutrology and Preventive Medicine, Mauro Albuquerque argues that it is possible to transform lives through disease prevention. With healthy habits, such as the practice of sports and a balanced diet, according to him, it is possible to achieve the long-awaited quality of life. According to him, it is essential that … Read more

It was used as medicine thousands of years ago! It prevents cancer by cleaning the body from beginning to end… – Gallery

Rosa Gallery Roza Health It was used as medicine thousands of years ago! It cleans the body thoroughly and prevents cancer… Cocoa, which was used as a medicine by the Mayans thousands of years ago, has become a food that is mostly used in making cakes, desserts and pastries. The miraculous benefits of cocoa are … Read more

DNA test prevents serious side effects with hospitalization in patients with cancer

Patients with cancer who are prescribed the drug irinotecan should have a DNA test before use. This test can prevent serious side effects with hospitalizations. This is shown by research by the Catharina Hospital that was recently published in the leading European Journal of Cancer. There is a lot of national and international interest in … Read more

Corona pandemic prevents couples from divorcing. Couples break up less often

“Despite the deadlock, couples may delay making a rigorous decision like divorce.” Photo: Shutterstock The corona pandemic seems to have caused less married couples to officially end their marriage. Since the outbreak of the virus, divorce rates have fallen. Corona prevents Dutch people from getting divorced, concludes data company Nucleoo based on figures. The number … Read more

6 Benefits of Red Watermelon, One of them Prevents Cancer – red watermelon It is one of the most iconic fruits of summer, low in calories and rich in water. Red watermelon is also an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene. For more details, here are the benefits of red watermelon. It is known, this watermelon is a low-calorie fruit and … Read more

The Sultanate of Oman prevents the raising of the Israeli flag and the playing of its anthem (witness)

location detectionTimes of Israel“, that Sultanate of Oman The playing of the national anthem of a country has been banned Israeli occupation Last week, Israel’s Gal Zuckerman won the gold medal at the Junior World Championships in Sailing. When the Israeli windsurfer won the gold medal at the Junior World Sailing Championships last week, the … Read more

Harassment of a young woman in a bus in Brussels: the driver prevents the attacker from escaping

Police officers from the Bruxelles-Capitale / Ixelles police zone arrested, on December 10 at the end of the afternoon, on Luxembourg Square in Brussels, a man who threatened a young woman in a bus, communicated the Thursday area. The suspect was then made available to the Brussels public prosecutor’s office. “The young woman got on … Read more

Persimmon prevents the risk of infection

Japanese scientists have signed a scientific study that can be hope in the fight against the virus. The fight against variants of the coronavirus such as Delta and, finally, Omicron, continues. Japanese scientists conducted an experimental study against infections. DETAIL OF TRABZON DATE AGAINST DISEASES Within the scope of the study, it was revealed that … Read more

Allergic rhinitis, periodic ventilation prevents disease

[의학신문·일간보사] In recent years, the concentration of fine dust in the air continues to rise, and in winter, the temperature drops, making it difficult to ventilate the room. In addition, the importance of periodic ventilation is increasing day by day as the number of corona patients rapidly increases and more people have to stay indoors … Read more