Devialet launched Devialet Mania, the first portable smart speaker, equipped with adaptive stereo technology, priced from 27,990 yuan

Devialet launched the brand’s first portable smart speaker — Devialet Mania. It is the first time to integrate cutting-edge technology into a portable smart speaker. Through the new adaptive stereo technology, it can create a 360° all-round wide stereo sound, which can be integrated into various situations and spaces. And strengthen the sound field and … Read more

6 Cellphones Priced at 2 Million Already Carrying the MediaTek Helio G99 Chipset, Gaming Performance Is Even Right, There’s Infinix Zero 20

AYOSEMARANG.COM — Here he is HP the latest 2022 which carries the MediaTek Helio G99 chipset which supports smartphones to be more optimal from gaming to photography. HP the latest 2022 MediaTek Helio G99 chipset starts at the price 2 million Of course, there are from Realme to POCO and all of them can be … Read more

5 Recommended Gaming Chairs Priced at IDR 1 Million, Cheap but Not Cheap

Regarding the price, AULA F-1007 can be obtained with a range of Rp. 1,689,000. 3. FANTECH Alpha GC-186 FANTECH Alpha GC-186 is equipped with a seat made of leather. ( Even though it’s cheaper than a typical gaming chair, which is Rp. 1,049,000, this product still has the best quality in its class. This locally … Read more

Great promotion, don’t miss it! HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 SE, complete with more than 100 sports modes, priced at only 6,499 baht. Shop together on 15 November 2022.

Tell a great promotion, don’t miss it! HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 SE Smart watch, light water 35.6 grams, complete with more than 100 sports modes for only 6,499 baht, available together on November 15, 2022! Huawei Consumer Business Group (Thailand) continues to launch heavy games in the smart watch market. Hands down the latest smartwatch, … Read more

Suitable for year-end holidays, the cheapest Hyundai Stargazer is priced at this price – If you are interested, here is the price Hyundai Stargazer per November 2022. Quoted from the official website, Stargazer price Active variant with 6-speed manual transmission is now IDR 243.3 million on the road (OTR) Jakarta. For those who are eyeing the Hyundai Stargazer Active variant with an IVT (Intelligence Variable Transmission) … Read more

Sony PlayStation announced the release of a bundled game console. “PlayStation®5 God of War™ Ragnarök Bundle” PS5 Digital Edition Bundle priced at 17,790 baht and Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive Bundle priced at 20,790 baht.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore (SIES) announced the release of the bundled game console. “PlayStation®5 Console God of War™ Ragnarök Bundle” on Wednesday November 9th this year. The PS5 Digital Edition Bundle is available for 17,790 baht, and the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray bundle is priced at 20,790 baht. The bundle includes PlayStation®5 (PS5™) game … Read more

CHEAPER! The price of the latest Vespa Sprint is now priced at only 30 million, has 6 of the coolest color choices

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Not all price Vespa Matic expensive The proof is now there Vespa Matic which is priced more inexpensive The most priced Vespa inexpensive that is Vespa Sprint 150 3V ie Desain Vespa Sprint 150 This latest one looks cooler. Vespa Sprint 150 This 3V ie carries a rectangular lamp display on the main … Read more

IT’S HARD TO BREAK UP THE THINGS! This Retro Scooter Similar to the Vespa Primavera is priced at 30 million, the economy is equivalent to the Honda BEAT

HALLOTERNATE.COM – either one scooter retro similar Vespa Primavera glide. By design, scooter retro this looks very similar to Vespa Matic. Scooter retro named Suzuki Salute 125 This has caught the attention of automotive lovers, after being introduced a few months ago. From a design point of view, Suzuki Salute 125 Truly Italian. The body … Read more

Huawei launches Watch GT Cyber ​​smartwatch with cool design The housing can be replaced, priced around 6,600 baht.

Last night, the Huawei launch event came to show the Watch GT Cyber, a smart watch with a distinctive design. The case and cable are next to each other. Makes it possible to remove the case from a round shape to attach to other cases and straps. There are 3 designs which are Urban, Sports, … Read more

6 Cheap New Cars Priced at 100 Million November 2022, from Ayla, Agya, to Brio

SEMARANG SELATAN, AYOSEMARANG.COM — People are still looking for a lot cheap new car the price of 100 million even though electric cars began to attack. Daihatsu Ayla, Toyota Agyauntil Honda Brio still be cheap new car people’s favorite. Existence cheap new car the price of 100 million is the target of many consumers. Read … Read more