Bullies and rude people in the oratory. And the Bergamo parish priest closes it

A day without an oratory. As a punishment. She decided it don Andrea Spreaficoparish priest of Cicognara nel Mantovano, a native of the province of Bergamo, of Brignano Gera d’Adda. “For now we will close for a day, then we will close for a week. This is our home: if you enter, you respect the … Read more

No sex before marriage, the youth priest explains what the Vatican asks of engaged couples

Don Alberto Ravagnani, the social priest who speaks to young people on TikTok, comments with Fanpage.it the Vatican document on chastity before marriage: “It does not mean sexual abstinence”. Don Alberto Ravagnani he is the “pop priest” most loved by Italian kids. Very popular on social media, a friend of Fedez and many other influencers, … Read more

Death penalty for murdering Coptic priest in Egypt

In Egypt, a man who stabbed a Coptic priest in April has been sentenced to death. The priest, 56-year-old Arsanious Wadid, was murdered on a crowded boulevard along the coast near Alexandria. The attack caused a wave of dismay in the country. Initially, the Egyptian Public Prosecutor’s Office had doubts about the man’s mental state, … Read more

Russian priest helps Ukrainians flee Russia – VG

OPPOSITION: Grigory Mikhnov-Vaytenko is the priest who broke with the Russian Orthodox Church and who criticizes Putin. Now he is helping Ukrainian war refugees. Photo: Private Thousands of Ukrainians have been deported to Russia. Several of them have ended up in Siberia, on the border with North Korea. – They had no choice, says the … Read more

The priest got an ultimatum. The bailiff will not grant him a reduced fare – o2

Fr. Michał Woźnicki was expelled from the Salesian Society a few years ago. The Religious House unsuccessfully urged him in the past to leave the facility. The man most likely has no intention of moving out of there. Helpless Salesians even took the case to court demanding the eviction of the clergyman. Last year, a … Read more

Priest Reflects on Hell and Exoplanet 55 Cancri e

NASA reported on the investigations that it will carry out in the coming weeks, with the James Webb Space Telescope, of two exoplanets classified as “super earths”, one of which bears the name of 55 Cancers and and whose very high temperatures keep their materials in a state of lava. A note from NASA dated … Read more

Ukrainians take revenge on the betraying priest: brilliant greenery during Mass

Vladimir Mandziuk, a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in the Lviv region, was covered in brilliant greenery during Mass, UNIAN reports. The priest’s daughter reported the incident on Facebook. Anton Gerašchenko, an adviser to the head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, also reacted to the incident. “What can I … Read more

A monk with courage. Priest Augustin Schubert resisted the Nazis until his death

The road to religion The family, which also included František’s four-year-old sister Kamila, lived in Žižkov, which at the time was rather a poorer suburb of workers and small tradesmen, which influenced many of František’s later attitudes. He graduated from a German primary school in Žižkov, then graduated from a grammar school in Štěpánská Street … Read more

Smearing the Police Name by Sleeping with the Priest Affair, Policewoman Brigadier HH Threatened To Be Fired

loading… Policewoman Brigadier HH was caught red-handed with a priest with the initials SA in the room. Photo/Illustration AMBON – Alleged affair What was done by a policewoman with the initials Brigpol HH, with a priest with the initials SA, has tarnished the good name of the Polri institution. Currently, the Maluku Police are processing … Read more

The former red light priest becomes a writer: published a novel about church and sex scandals

Don Andrea Contin (left) and the novel (right) Don Andrea Contin: the ex-Paduan red light priest makes his debut as a writer. A detective story entitled “My mother was a girlWhich tells of the investigations and mysteries behind the death of a young priest involved in a sex scandal. The previews and the cover of … Read more