How much do Poles give the priest “in the envelope”? “Let them get to work”

“Guest in the house, God in the house” – says the well-known proverb. According to Ariadna’s study for Wirtualna Polska, more than half of Poles will host a priest after caroling in their own homes. How much do the faithful give “to the envelope”? This is what we ask passers-by during a street survey in … Read more

Pope appoints parish priest as new Archbishop of Tegucigalpa – Vatican News Vatican

The pope accepted the resignation of octogenarian Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga as pastor of the Diocese of Tegucigalpa and appointed Father Nachel Tate, 58, to succeed him. Father Nacher is currently the parish priest of the Church of San Mizón in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. (Vatican News Network)Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Óscar … Read more

Puno: Argentine priest who demanded resignation of Dina Boluarte is sanctioned

The Bishop of Puno, Jorge Carrionwithdrew the license of the Argentine priest Luis Humberto Bejar, who worked as such in the Pucará parishfor having demanded the resignation of the President Dina Boluarte and the immediate advance of the general elections. In a letter, Carrion demanded that bejar submit your resignation to Pucara Parish, and ordered … Read more

Priest from Giurgiu, caught while masturbating in front of a high school. The man was detained

The parish priest from Oinacu commune in Giurgiu was caught masturbating in the car, in front of Nicolae Cartojan High School in Giurgiu municipality. The police detained the 48-year-old man and opened a criminal case against him for outrage against good morals after a teenager called the police to report the priest’s act. Police carPhoto: … Read more

The Bishopric in Brno is investigating possible sexual abuse of a girl by a priest

The case began to be written already in 2019, when the diocese received a notification that thirteen years ago sexual abuse by a priest should have occurred. The case was investigated in collaboration with the police by the District Attorney’s Office in Olomouc, but it was concluded that the act most likely did not happen, … Read more

MP activates international cooperation to locate former Madeiran priest accused of sexual abuse of a minor — DNOTICIAS.PT

The Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) has activated international judicial cooperation to locate the former Madeiran priest Anastácio Alves, who is accused of five crimes of sexual abuse of a minor and is in an unknown location, the institution said today. According to a note released on the MP’s website, the former priest was accused, in … Read more

Torvajanica, (comic) finale to the Orthodox rite: the priest stumbles on the pier and falls into the water

Of Maria Rosa Pavia The pope lost his balance during the ceremony of throwing the cross on the beach near Rome Comedy extra program a Torvajanica, with the pope’s unwanted bathroom. The atmosphere was collected, those present excited: about three hundred Orthodox believers they had made an appointment to attend the ritual of throwing of … Read more

Priest student Mathias Ledum participates in Pope Benedict’s funeral – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

After three days on parade bed in St. Peter’s Church, former Pope Benedict was buried today. He became the first pope to retire from the post in 600 years when he resigned in 2013. Today’s ceremony was thus unusual in several ways. When Pope Francis presided over the funeral, it was the first time a … Read more