Alt Bukow municipality applies for funding for a multi-million dollar project

After ten years of budget security, the municipality of Alt Bukow (Rostock district) is about to achieve a balanced annual budget. With this, the realization of a project that has been considered for years and that is becoming more and more urgent is getting closer. .

Wolgast dealers demand opening of stores: lockdown is “disaster”

They have signed a demand under the title #handle stands together, which calls for the immediate opening of small shops: Two Wolgast shopkeepers describe their desperate situation. Why a bookseller, on the other hand, can easily get through the lockdown .

Stralsund network for social projects relies on digital learning in its residential groups

Social work – Stralsund Association for Social Projects relies on digital learning in its residential groups The first four PC workstations were set up. More will follow thanks to the computer donation to an insurance company. Employees are deployed in homeschooling according to their special skills. .

Young female entrepreneurs in Schwerin offer more education for everyone

Training courses thrive on the exchange of experience between the participants, on emotions and closeness, which is what they are Anja Zachow and Ricarda Kletzin truly convinced. When they founded their education company Moredu at Schwerin Central Station in February 2019, it was clear to the young entrepreneurs that they would offer classroom teaching in … Read more

Deputy district administrator targeted for hit and miss

The rumor mill has been simmering for days: The deputy district administrator of Northwest Mecklenburg and head of the regulatory authority, Mathias Diederich, had not had a driver’s license in the past few weeks. The background was investigations by the public prosecutor’s office in the hit-and-run situation. .

ODS employees sued the CD factory’s insolvency administrator

In 2009, the last employees of the CD factory in Dassow (Northwest Mecklenburg) were sent home: The company Optical Disc Service (ODS) was insolvent. In November 2010, the OZ reported that former employees had sued the insolvency administrator – with surprising results. .

This is how the state party conference in Güstrow went

Clear goals, clear topics, new faces: the state party of the Greens has lined up for the state election in 2021 in Güstrow. The top candidates want to drive the “terribly bad” red-black coalition in Schwerin – or be part of the future government themselves. .