NASA is slowly shutting down the Voyager probes. Here are 18 landmark mission photos

Voyager 1 and 2 probes are still operational, although almost 45 years have passed since their launch However, due to the diminishing power supply, the probes may end their mission soon Here are 18 spectacular photos they took during their over 40-year journey You can find more such stories on the homepage One of … Read more

After 44 years, NASA prepares to gradually shut down Voyager probes

The two spaceships Voyager will be gradually extinguished after 44 years, has announced the NASA. After being exposed to such harsh conditions for more than four decades, the effects are now being felt, which is driving the NASA to consider shutting down the spacecraft. Recently, agency physicist Ralph McNutt told Scientific American that scientists will … Read more

NASA extends the mission time of eight space probes that are exploring space – FayerWayer

The NASA he intends to get the most out of the space probes he has transiting the Solar system. It recently announced that it extended the mission time for eight ships that have already delivered a portion of their targets and were nearing completion. In a statement that published on its official website, NASA reported … Read more

China plans to send robotic probes to the far side of the moon

BEIJING – Scientists and engineers China is considering sending a robotic probe to the far side of the Moon . This ambitious plan to make China the first to collect dust and rock from the far side of the Moon. Deputy Director of China’s National Space Administration Wu Yanhua said the United States, Russia and … Read more

NASA will send probes to uncover signs of life on Uranus

JAKARTA – After a long journey, NASA’s Perseverance rover has finally arrived safely at the remains of the ancient Martian river delta at the bottom of the 28-mile (45-kilometer) wide Jezero Crater. The Perseverance team on Earth say the location of the delta will be a true geological search ground for robots, which are hunting … Read more

NASA to send probes to reveal signs of life on Uranus

JAKARTA – NASA will send a probe or unmanned rover to research planet Uranus mysterious things starting in 2030. Scientists estimate that on the moon Uranus there are signs of life like on earth. Reported Science AlertWednesday (20/4/2022), in a report entitled Origins, Worlds, and Life: A Decadal Strategy for Planetary Science and Astrobiology 2023–2032, … Read more

Engineers Design Space Sail to Carry Probes to Alpha Centauri in ‘Just’ 20 Years

Engineers are working on a space sail that will be able to bring nanoprobes to the star system closest to ours: Alpha Centauri. This one being propelled by laser beams located on Earth should be able to reach a fifth of the speed of light and thus join the stars and exoplanets of Alpha Centauri … Read more

Problems with the deployment of NASA’s asteroid hunting probes continue

Three months after the launch of NASA’s Lucy spacecraft, which was developed to explore Trojan asteroids orbiting the Sun in front of and behind Jupiter, scientists involved in the mission say the problem of one of the planet’s two large solar system arrays has not been solved. unsolved spaceships, which have not yet been fully … Read more

China approves shipment of 3 new probes to the Moon by 2023

The National Space Administration of China (ANEC) has approved the fourth phase of the Chang’e lunar exploration project by 2023, the agency’s deputy director Wu Yanhua said Monday in a statement. interview a China Aerospace News. This stage, which will take place in the next 10 years, includes the launch to the south pole of … Read more

China approves the sending of 3 new probes to the Moon starting in 2023 in order to study the area for a future joint manned base with Russia

Published: 31 dic 2021 02:40 GMT The last of the three, to be launched in 10 years, will build “the basic model of the lunar scientific research station,” according to the deputy director of the China National Space Administration, Wu Yanhua. The National Space Administration of China (ANEC) approved the fourth phase of the Chang’e … Read more