Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE 5G running points released, will be equipped with MediaTek Xun Kun 900T processor – Page 1 – Discussion

Samsung launched the flagship flat version Galaxy Tab S8 series at the beginning of this year, and the affordable version of Tab S8 FE 5G finally appeared before the last season of this year. It is equipped with MediaTek Xun Kun 900T processor and appeared in the benchmark database . ▲ The picture shows the … Read more

Windows 11 22H2 Update Attention!Microsoft confirms that “this specification” computer will crash with blue screen – Free Electronics News 3C Technology

Microsoft Windows 11 continues to push the 22H2 update. (Picture / flip the official website) Microsoft has successively promoted the major update of Windows 11 22H2. Although this version is much more stable than in the past, there are still some disasters. In addition to the performance problem caused by the graphics card that has … Read more

Microsoft blocks some Intel processor users from updating to Windows 11 22H2 due to blue screen crash

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 22H2 large-scale update is being released in batches. If you ignore the performance problems encountered by Nvidia graphics cards, this version of the update is very stable for most users, but a new problem has been exposed recently. It crashed the affected computer with a nasty blue picture (BSOD), so Microsoft … Read more

The new version of the PlayStation 5 received a more compact 6nm Oberon Plus processor – previously used 7nm Oberon

The new version of the PlayStation 5 game console with model number CFI-1202 received a new custom hybrid processor, codenamed Oberon Plus, reports Angstronomics. The chip uses a finer manufacturing process, making it smaller than its Oberon predecessor. Image Source: VideoCardz According to the source, Sony’s new game consoles now use a more compact processor, … Read more

AMD Ryzen chases 5 years of Intel to find a way to crack the first 14th generation Core processor | XFastest News

It has been five and a half years since AMD launched the Ryzen processor in 2017, and AMD has been catching up all the way in the CPU marketthe market share has climbed to more than 25%, and its small chip design cost is 40% lower, which makes it difficult for Intel to compete with … Read more

Great leap in performance!! Foreign media exposed AMD Ryzen 7000 processor Cinebench test results

According to foreign media Videocardz reportswhich achieved Cinebench scores for the AMD Ryzen 7000 series, which are about to be unblocked tonight. Videocardz said that it will not expose all the test data, especially the game test scores, but also said that this generation of processors has made quite good progress. This report will provide … Read more

Bertha Bonder (61) from Ubbena wins 488,000 euros in the Postcode Lottery Miljoenenjacht. ‘I would have liked a food processor too’

“No, you don’t expect that,” laughs Bertha Bonder (61) at the kitchen table in her farmhouse about her mega profit. She is sober about it, she has no big plans. “No, not a new car. A trip to Ameland and Arnhem. I would like to go to the Open Air Museum.”

Why Intel Is Dropping the Celeron and Pentium Names for “Intel® Processor” and Why It’s Completely Stupid

In a rather incomprehensible marketing impulse, Intel announces that it will abandon the Pentium and Celeron brands in 2023 in favor of a completely cryptic “Processor”. In addition to the disappearance of well-known brands, we regret the use of a generic word which will lead to confusion. Does your laptop have a processor? At the … Read more

Intel processor will replace Pentium and Celeron in laptops in 2023, after 30 years the Pentium finally disappears

Intel is replacing its Pentium and Celeron brands with a simple Intel processor. This new brand will replace the two existing brands in 2023 laptops and should make it easier for consumers looking to buy cheap laptops. Today, Intel is introducing a new processor for the essential products space: Intel Processor. This new offering will … Read more