Flanked by Family, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Officially Proclaims Himself as President of the Philippines

MANILA, KOMPAS.com – Ferdinand Marcos Jr. flanked by his family, including mother Imelda Marcos, as he stands on the pulpit at the Philippine Congress to be proclaimed president-elect, marking his return you dined Marcos to the seat of power. Marcos Jr won nearly 59 percent of the vote in elections earlier this month, more than … Read more

OnePlus still proclaims its love for OxygenOS despite its flirtation with ColorOS

At MWC 2022, OnePlus confirms its attachment to OxygenOS (and in particular to the future OxygenOS 13) despite the software rapprochement with Oppo’s interface, ColorOS. OnePlus 10 Pro Whereas its OnePlus 10 Pro is coming to Europe very soonOnePlus takes advantage of the MWC 2022 to somewhat clarify the situation around its OxygenOS home interface … Read more

“I was not dismissed, I resigned from the Young CDH”, proclaims Opaline Meunier

This Thursday, the general assembly of the Young CDH recorded the resignation of its president, Opaline Meunier. La Montoise has decided to withdraw a few months from the new elections. “I’m taking a break to devote myself to a new challenge. “ ****** ** ****** **** ********* ************** **** *********** *** ****** **** ******** ********* … Read more

Man United star proclaims leaving, AC Milan puts up the horses

Italian League giants AC Milan immediately put up the horses after Anthony Martial proclaimed himself to be leaving Manchester United in the transfer market. INDOSPORT.COM – Italian League giants, AC Milan immediately install the horses after Anthony Martial proclaiming himself to be leaving Manchester United in the transfer window half of the season. Anthony Martial … Read more

Barbados officially proclaims itself a republic and bids farewell to Elizabeth II

Already independent from the UK since 1966, Barbados celebrated its transition from monarchy to republican rule after some four centuries of subjugation to the British sovereign. Ms Mason was sworn in at midnight Monday evening in the capital, Bridgetown, in an official ceremony also marked by the replacement of the Queen’s standard with the presidential … Read more

Putin Proclaims Crimea Part of Russia Forever

loading… MOSCOW – President Russia Vladimir Putin marks the national Unity Day holiday with a trip to Crimea . He also stated that the region will always be part of Russia. Russia annexes Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 following the overthrow of the Kremlin-friendly country’s president, a move Western countries deem illegitimate. Putin glorified the … Read more

The Region proclaims a state of emergency due to bad weather. Weather alert until Sunday – SiracusaOggi.it

The meeting of the regional government, convened by President Nello Musumeci in an extraordinary and urgent session, to deliberate the regional state of emergency and ask the central government for recognition of the state of national disaster, ended late in the morning at the Palaregione of Catania. The head of the Sicilian Civil Protection, Salvo … Read more

Wakker Dier proclaims De Keurslager as the biggest Liegebeest 2021

Previous winners of the Liegebeest were: (2020) Kloeke Kip from Grubbenvorst that keeps 250,000 broiler chickens and wants to grow into a mega barn with one million chickens. (2019) Albert Heijn. The supermarket owed its nomination to the packaging of the AH chicken, which stated “more space”. While AH then, with 16 chickens on a … Read more