Radha is one year old; Shriya Sharan shares video with daughter | Actress | Shriya Saran | Daughter Radha | Celebrity Kids | Kids club | Child prodigy | Children News | Kids Club | Kids News | Toddler News | Malayala Manorama | Manorama Online

Actress Shriya Sharan has shared the joy of her daughter Radha turning one year old with her fans. The actress has posted a beautiful note along with pictures and video of her daughter. The actress said that her daughter is one year old and that she arrived at 7:40 last year with a beautiful video … Read more

The Indian prodigy who predicted the coronavirus announced what awaits us in 2022.

© The young clairvoyant said that next year our lives will finally return to normal. At the same time, the changes will be gradual. A year before the coronavirus spread across the planet, a 15-year-old Indian boy named Abigai Anand warned of a global pandemic. He literally states that in the spring of 2020 a … Read more

Child prodigy painted live at Art Miami and left everyone shocked

Andrés Valencia, is a 10-year-old boy, of Mexican origin, who appeared at Art Miami to exhibit his works, and was considered a child prodigy, after demonstrating his talent live. Valencia, last Saturday he painted a painting with the Caribbean artist Bradley Theodore at the popular Art Miami fair, while he was surrounded by dozens of … Read more

Bhama Ponnomana’s first birthday; Actress shares video with daughter | Actress | Bhama | baby girl | Celebrity Kids | kIds Club | Child prodigy | Children News | Kids Club | Kids News | Toddler News | Malayala Manorama | Manorama Online

First birthday to Ponnomana, the beloved actress of Malayalam Bhama. Bhama celebrated her daughter’s birthday by sharing a video with the baby. Though Bhama and her beloved Arun shared the joy of having a baby girl with the fans, the actress did not post any details about her daughter or her face. Bhama shared a … Read more

The fall of Kaiser Kurz, the former child prodigy lasted as long as a meteor

Everything that the “child prodigy” touched, he broke. First the three big Austrian parties with which he ruled and which he smashed, social democrats, ultra-right and green. Eventually Sebastian Kurz also destroyed the only thing he had left intact, namely himself and his popularity. And now the country is languishing in chaos, because his successor, … Read more

El Niño Prodigy Horoscope November 29, 2021

03/21 – 04/19 Pleasant contacts will knock on your door bringing you a romantic day. Live your encounters fully and handle yourself with confidence. If you are in a relationship, do not hesitate to talk about your future plans or tell your other half what your expectations are. 04/20 – 05/20 This is a good … Read more

Yuji, 11-month-old baby, hits the slopes on a snowboard in China: the little prodigy is causing a stir on social networks

She does not yet know how to walk but is already (slowly) descending the slopes: at only 11 months old, an aspiring snowboarder is causing a sensation in China on the site which will host the Beijing Winter Olympics. Just over two months before the Games (February 4-20, 2022), Yuji, bundled up in several layers … Read more

Fraud process: fallen blood test prodigy Elizabeth Holmes admits mistakes – start up

San José – Your statement came as a surprise. To some extent, she even admitted her own wrongdoing. “I wish I had done it differently,” said Elizabeth Holmes on her third day on the witness stand. She added logos of the pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Schering-Plow to her own laboratory reports and sent them out. … Read more

Enes Sali, a little prodigy in the Romanian national team … at 15 years old

15 years, 8 months and 19 days: if he participates in the match between Romania and Iceland this Thursday evening, Enes Sali will become the youngest player in the Romanian national team. And if it is not for tonight, it will be soon, since Enes Sali has more than a year ahead of him: the … Read more

the young tennis prodigy becomes Dior ambassador

On September 28, just days after her coronation in the United States, the virtuoso tennis champion made a remarkable appearance on the red carpet of the London premiere of the latest James Bond, To die can wait, at the Royal Albert Hall. For the occasion, Emma Raducanu wagered on an immaculate Greek goddess dress signed … Read more