The collapse of the wine sector in the face of the perfect storm: A lot of production, little export and a drop in consumption due to the covid

ASAJA Castilla-La Mancha has warned of the collapse of the wine sector if extraordinary measures are not implemented urgently. The agrarian organization has set the month of March as the maximum period for activating the necessary measures to reorganize the wine market. With a production of wine and must higher than those of the initial … Read more

Will we continue to watch traditional television in 5 years? • Audiovisual production

As you have seen in recent years, consumers are opting for the consumption of streaming content and are putting aside traditional television. This 2020, television consumption has had a rebound due to the global pandemic and the increased time we’ve spent at home. But even so, it is far from recovering the audience numbers it … Read more

Donation bet on Tesla production brings 1660 euros, next round is running>

At the beginning of 2020, Tesla set at least 500,000 electric cars delivered as a target for the whole of the new year. At that point in time that sounded realistic after 367,500 Model 3, Model S and Model X in the previous year, but at that time hardly anyone expected that the new corona … Read more

The Saga | Apple could dabble in car production

Apple Inc could enter the automotive industry, producing a vehicle that includes its own battery technology. The idea has been developing since 2014, the company has been commissioned to design the vehicle from scratch, however, Apple decided to re-evaluate its objectives. For 2018, Doug Fiel, who worked at Tesla Inc, returned to the company to … Read more

consumer loan production impacted by Covid-19

The consumer credit business has not escaped the strong shocks of 2020. After a first half almost at a standstill, the figures for the third quarter point to a resumption of production. Be careful, however, to properly estimate your debt capacity so as not to risk defaulting on repayment. The impact of Covid-19 The consumer … Read more

Global Fixed Pitch Propeller Market Size Analysis in 2021 by Industry Share, End User Demand, Size Estimation, Growth Factors, Production, Industry Statistics, Overview and Forecast Report to 2026 – Obregon Digital

Global Fixed Pitch Propeller market research report offers qualitative and quantitative information regarding the industry growth rate, market segmentation, Fixed Pitch Propeller market size, demand, and revenue. The report analyzes the current trends that are expected to influence the future prospects of the Fixed Pitch Propeller market. The report further investigates and assesses the current … Read more

Mortgage Market 2021 Size, Share, Production, Growth Rate, Price and Gross Margin, Opportunities and Forecast 2025 – MillauJournal

The Global Mortgage Market report is an in-depth and meaningful analysis of the Mortgage industry and provides data to strategize for increasing growth opportunities and revenue. In addition, regional analysis, mergers and acquisitions, project economics, future trends as well as challenges affecting the market growth are also mentioned in the report. This report also calculates … Read more

Global Ceramics Composites Market Value, Production, Volume, Growth Predictions and Forecast for 2022-2031 – Torretriangular

An upcoming research report on the market Ceramica Composites presents a 360 degree view of this market. Therefore, the report covers an analysis of important factors such as drivers, trends, competitive landscape, market restraints, growth opportunities, and challenges in the ceramic composites market. Therefore, this report is a comprehensive guide to get a general … Read more

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