Prof Dr Suradika: Attempt to Kill Salman Rushdie An Important Lesson for Indonesia

Whatever the reason, insulting religious symbols is a very dangerous act REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Education expert and Deputy Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Jakarta Regional Management, Prof. Dr. Agus Suradika, said that there was a very important lesson in the stabbing case of the writer of the novel Ayat-Ayat Setan, Salman Rushdie. That is not to … Read more

For the 4th dose coronavirus vaccine, Prof. Dr. Flash warning from Bülent Ertuğrul: Do not rush!

Medyatava TV Answering Ceylin Çağatay’s questions in the agenda program, Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Bülent Ertuğrul made important statements on the ongoing vaccine debate. Stating that the claims made by the opponents of vaccines, such as the risk of heart attack, and that vaccines impair natural immunity, are unfounded, Ertuğrul underlined … Read more

Prof. Gediminas MERKYS: Has democracy degenerated? Environment Minister and Liberals getting corrupt again? –

Dažnas curses the European Union and all Lithuanian authorities of the last decade. Sometimes it happens for a reason. However, you cannot deny that a number of attributes of modernization came to Lithuania from the West. Let’s say computer and medical technology that everyone enjoys. One of the features of modernization gaining ground in Lithuania … Read more

filing for prof Procaccianti

No forgery and no procedural fraud: the coroners who carried out the second autopsy on the body of Mario Biondo, the Palermo cameraman found hanged in his home in Madrid on May 30, 2013, Paolo Procaccianti and Dario Daricello, operated correctly and never altered either the results of the report or some findings needed to … Read more

Vitamin that converts food into energy: B1! prof. Dr. Written by Berrin Pehlivan

31.07.2022 09:16 News Source: Milliyet Increases energy production: Vitamin B1 accelerates enzymatic reactions that convert sugar into energy. It has an antidepressant effect: It stabilizes the mood, reduces restlessness and anxiety. It has an effect on sugar metabolism: If you have diabetes, you should consume more vitamin B1. Studies show that when vitamin B1 supplements … Read more

Where to test for COVID-19? Where are the vaccination sites? Prof. Simon: Nothing is known

– The official data of the Ministry of Health on the number of infections are not entirely reliable, because only clinically symptomatic people are tested and registered – the doctor noted in an interview with In the context of the next wave of the pandemic, he drew attention to two problems: “on the one … Read more

prof. Dr. Mask warning from Demirhan: We want them to wear the mask in almost every environment

Making statements about the importance of the reminder dose and the use of masks in the fight against coronavirus, Kartal Dr. Lütfi Kırdar City Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Recep Demirhan stated that the number of cases increased by 30-40 times compared to a month ago. “WE RECOMMEND YOU WEAR THE MASK” prof. Dr. Demirhan … Read more

Prof B’s ​​character is actually revealed by Alumni of FKIP UHO Kendari, Calls Student Harassment Frequently Occurs

TRIBUNNEWSSULTRA.COM, KENDARI – Habits Prof B actually revealed one of the alumni of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Halu Oleo University or FKIP UHO. In fact, alumni of the 1994 class UHO Kendari the initials I mentioned the case abuse student allegedly committed by lecturer in the faculty has often happened since he was … Read more

PPPK 2022 Selection, Prof. Nunuk Talks about Priorities, Teachers Need to Know

Tuesday, 19 July 2022 – 20:51 WIB The priority for the formation of the 2022 PPPK is prioritized for those who pass the passing grade in the 2021 selection. Photo Illustration: ANTARA/ Nova Wahyudi, CENTRAL JAKARTA – Secretary of the Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel (GTK) Kemendikbudristek Prof. Nunuk Suryani revealed the … Read more

All the curious about the monkeypox virus! prof. Dr. Berrin Pehlivan wrote…

Are the children caught? Children can also get sick if they come into contact with someone who has this virus. Moreover, the literature says that the disease may be more severe in children than in adults. Human-to-animal transmission There are no cases identified in the literature, but there appears to be a potential risk of … Read more