The real thing doesn’t fade! ‘Aphaporn’ is full again. This season is profitable Get rich together 69 cards

The real thing doesn’t fade! ‘Aphaporn’ is full again. This season is profitable We were very rich with 69 cards, totaling about 1 hundred thousand baht. This time, invested to buy more than 50 thousand baht. Follow the news, press follow, live news Was called another goddess of the lottery. for famous singers Hai Arpaporn … Read more

Is it true that leaving the air conditioner on is profitable? Thorough verification of Daikin Industries helps save electricity | HuffPost LIFE

Leaving the air conditioner on is more profitable than turning it off frequently. Many of you have probably heard this before. How much can you really save?Air conditioning manufacturer Daikin IndustriesExperimental resulthas been published and has become a hot topic. In the experiment, the air conditioner was operated from 9:00 to 23:00 with the air … Read more

“1000 EGP return per month” The National Bank of Egypt surprises its clients with a profitable investment certificate

There are many citizens who accept to buy savings certificates from the National Bank of Egypt, as it is one of the safest ways to invest their money. Recently, the National Bank of Egypt launched an attractive offer for these citizens, which is the offer of the five-year certificate with a fixed monthly return, at … Read more

Starbucks is closing 16 profitable coffee shops in the US. Because of liberal politics, they were occupied by drug addicts and the homeless

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said the company has to close 16 profitable coffee shops in major cities where Democrats are in power. He accused them of unwillingness to take responsibility in the fight against drug addiction, homelessness and mental illness, writes New York Post. In 2018, Starbucks got into a scandal – the manager tried … Read more

A rebound in tourism led to a profitable quarter for Airbnb | Business

The platform, which called April-June the most profitable second quarter in its history, had a net income of 379 million. US dollars. In a show of confidence in the future, the San Francisco-based company announced that it will allocate $2 billion to USD to buy back the shares. “At the height of the pandemic, we’ve … Read more

Air France-KLM recorded a profitable quarter for the first time since the start of the pandemic | Business

“The strong recovery we’ve seen this summer is a test for the entire aviation industry,” CEO Benjamin Smith noted. “While Air France-KLM has prepared for near-pre-pandemic levels of demand, our airlines are not immune to the significant operational challenges facing the world,” he said. The carrier reported that during the period from April to June, … Read more

Energy prices are rising: which is more profitable – gasoline, diesel fuel or electricity

For several months, a not very pleasant trend has been observed: the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel are rising rapidly and have already reached almost two euros per liter. Looking for ways to reduce fuel costs, some consider replacing their current car with a newer and more economical one, or even taking an even … Read more

5 examples of specialized franchises that have proven to be profitable in Spain

Entrepreneurs in Spain have before them the difficult task of finding the key with their business, and with the business model they represent. Although it is true that between franchises and concessions usually walk the game of the entrepreneurs, there are more and more ideas surrounding specialization. That is, professionalized products closely related to a … Read more

It is more profitable to install solar panels in the neighbors – is it really?

Although we often compare ourselves with neighboring countries, in the field of renewable energy, Latvia currently has several distinct advantages for installing solar panels. At the same time, the system is thought to be fair to everyone, including those who do not have the opportunity to install renewable energy equipment. Of all the three Baltic … Read more