How to find out that I have shares from coupon privatization. A depository or a bank will help

Thirty years have passed since the first coupon privatization, and there are still over 700,000 unclassified accounts in the Central Securities Depository (CDCP) to which the owners do not report. At the same time, the shares in these accounts are worth several billion crowns. The commercial project offered help for a fee, but had … Read more

The “Antalis” logistics center expansion project is starting

In Stopiņu Parish, Ropaži County, the project of expanding the logistics center of AS “Antalis” has started, which is being implemented in cooperation with the developer and investor “Capital Mill”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The expansion of the logistics center is the next step in the development of the company and “Capital … Read more

LRT Project Water Tank Collapses, 3 Motorcyclists Become Victims

Jakarta – The water reservoir for the Jabodebek LRT Station has collapsed. As a result of this incident one motorcyclist suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital. Amateur video footage belonging to residents shows the time the expedition service car was pushed and entered the fence of the Jabodebek LRT project, after the … Read more

Grillo intervenes by surprise at the conference on the Metaverse and makes a joke to Conte: “I gave him a project, but it’s like throwing it out of the window …”

“Citizenship income has also ended for those in prison because it is not possible to verify the data with the Ministry of Grace and Justice. The same thing happened with Covid, and it is incredible, hallucinating. We talk about digitization, but we are still in a very, very analog era“. She said it Beppe Grillo, … Read more

R. Kurtinaitis: about E. Ataman’s trick, Juventus’ offer, the Japanese market and G. Žiemel’s project

On the portal – the second part of “MISsMATCH” with the coach Rim Kurtinaitis. He commented on the departure of the players of “Žalgiris” from Kaunas to the city after losing the semi-final and compared it to the fines he had in the “Khimki” team of the Moscow region. “Some of Scariola’s points were … Read more

Crescita Market Construction Project Insurance, competitive analysis and forecast 2028 – Jeunes Express

Subsequently, there are ceaseless learning experiences for the central participants in the global Construction Project Insurance Market. Another exploration report by IBI titled Global Construction Project Insurance market: Global Industry Analysis 2012 – 2016 and Forecast 2017 – 2028′ presents a total overview of the global market. As the estimation indicates, the global Construction Project … Read more

Hideo Kojima revealed that the new Game hit the bridge “The Boys” has shelved the project | Game Information

Hideo Kojima announced earlier that he will develop a new game with Xbox Game Studios, and it is a game that Kojima has always wanted to develop. Although there is no other information, it is enough to make people look forward to it. Recently, Hideo Kojima revealed on Twitter that he had developed an as-yet-unnamed … Read more

The legendary celebration returns to Klaipeda: an impressive project on Jonas Hill and a sensitive greeting to the city, and one detail has been abandoned

“Unconsciously, there is a sincere feeling of pride that I live in a city where every citizen is a captain and, if necessary, a boatman or pilot. We are all citizens of this wonderful city by the sea. I am sure that the approaching Feast of the Sea will leave in our memory a vivid … Read more

Snaigė’s restructuring plan project: the aim is to sell more exclusive refrigeration equipment and give up unnecessary assets for the company

Fi­nan­si­niai įsi­pa­rei­go­ji­mai – 20,7 mln. eu­rų According to the data of May 18, all financial liabilities of Snaigė amounted to LTL 20.7 million. euros. Of this amount – over 10 mln. Loans to leasing companies, material suppliers and other creditors were about the same amount. Therefore, the draft restructuring plan of this company was approved … Read more

Apple updates the interface of the iPhone subscription project, taking you to see the 3 major changes – Mr. Crazy

On the 24th of this month, Apple secretly pushed an update to the “Subscription Items” interface for iPhone and iPad. As long as the device is iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 or above, the new subscription item interface style can be used. What’s the difference? This article takes everyone to understand. Apple has brought a … Read more