Ryan Reynolds will be in The Adam Project – ContraRéplica

Everything indicates that actor Ryan Reynolds will keep busy, as he has been in recent years. The 44-year-old actor recently finished filming Red Notice, a Netflix movie that will appear on the platform sometime in 2021, but is already planning his next job. This is The Adam Project, a film about which he shares new … Read more

Mark Ruffalo y Catherine Keener se unen a Ryan Reynolds en The Adam Project – Funcinema

Mark Ruffalo and Catherine Keener have joined Ryan Reynolds on The Adam Project, the sci-fi adventure from Skydance and Netflix. Newcomer Walker Scobell and Alex Mallari Jr. are also on board for the film, which had already cast Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Garner. Reynolds will play a man who travels back in time to ask … Read more

Trade Credit Guarantee Project in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana | African development bank

Project amount : 4 million dollars – MAFDE (2 million) and OCP Africa (2 million) Date of approval : September 2020 Closing Date : end of 2023 Context: African agriculture is at a turning point in its history. It offers incredible possibilities. The continent is currently harnessing its agricultural potential by leveraging vast resources to … Read more

DeFi project insurance protocol to vote to cover part of Pickle Finance’s losses

In what could be an important step towards the maturation of the decentralized insurance space, Yesterday a claim was filed with the insurance protocol for DeFi projects, Cover, after the hack of USD 19 million in Dai of Pickle Finance, and so far, most users want to see compensation. According to the claim on Cover’s … Read more

The consequences of the coronavirus in nursing homes focus the new project of Jodie Comer

The coronavirus has changed the way we do things. Not only has it forced to delay premieres, due to the mobility restrictions that were imposed last March, but it has also opened new horizons in the world of fiction. Thus, we have already been able to enjoy projects such as At home O Social Distance, … Read more

Cornea Project wants to revolutionize the diagnosis of eye diseases

Keratoconus is a fairly unknown disease and very difficult to diagnose. It affects the cornea of ​​the eye, which loses its normal curvature and bends towards a conical shape, causing the vision to be distorted. It usually appears in adolescence and, at first, it is believed to be myopia. But, as the cornea becomes deformed, … Read more

Breast cancer screening project approved

In the last session, the Deliberative Council unanimously approved the project presented by the Together for Change bloc, its author was Councilor Natalia Blasco. It stipulates that municipal authorities and the Marzetti Hospital apply the program once a year to municipal employees who may be affected by the pathology either due to age, family history … Read more

Functional Credit Risk Monitoring Project Manager M / F

See job description for details Functional Project Manager Credit Risk Monitoring M / F Concretely, your daily life You will be our expert / functional referent on all subjects relating to Global Vision and satellite applications in an international and changing context. You will therefore be at the heart of the various business issues concerned … Read more

Demystifying Microsoft’s Project Cortex – KW Foundation

by Joyce Wells At KMWorld Connect 2020, Naomi Moneypenny, Director of Knowledge and Content Services at Microsoft, explained the benefits of Project Cortex. Central to Microsoft’s vision is a combination of people and artificial intelligence working together. “We all love magic, but we don’t trust magic,” he said. For artificial intelligence and machine learning to … Read more