6 towers, “evil runs in their blood” without winning their enmity… Pisces and the most prominent Aquarius

In some cases, many of us are exposed to great pressures, which may help to show the worst of us, as anger, frustration, sadness and feelings of betrayal combine to turn us into evil characters, and horoscopes and astronomy can help us identify the characters that are characterized by evil and dangerous qualities, which may … Read more

We publish to you..a surprise for iPhone lovers.. the price of the iPhone 12 phone in the market and its most prominent specifications

We publish to you.. Fans of all iPhone phones are waiting for the American company Apple to announce a series of these phones; And the desire to know The law, within 3 months, in cooperation with the Financial Supervisory Authority and Al-Azhar Al-Sharif; So as to add iPhone 12 price; This is after the company … Read more

Here are the most prominent features and improvements of the Android operating system 12

Asmaa Lamnawar wrote on Thursday, September 23, 2021 04:09 PM – The new visual design in the Android 12 version, which is expected to be officially launched at the beginning of next October, has attracted a lot of attention. However, Google has worked to introduce new features and improve the old more comprehensively to improve … Read more

6 defects in the iPhone 13 Pro Max.. the most prominent problem inside Egypt

With each new series of iPhone phones, the American company Apple seeks to overcome the flaws and criticism leveled at previous versions by customers. and in iphone 13 seriesApple has provided its new phones with greater battery life, a faster processor, a smaller screen notch, improved cameras, and support for a higher refresh rate. However, … Read more

Learn about the most prominent cars available for testing at the first LDX exhibition in Egypt

03:44 PM Sunday 19 September 2021 Cairo – (Masrawy): The activities of the first edition of the “Live Drive Expo” exhibition will be launched on the 23rd of this month, to test drive a number of new cars available in the Egyptian market. The exhibition activities will be held in a hotel in the Fifth … Read more

Bold dresses and other political slogans… the most prominent celebrity looks at the 2021 Met Gala

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–The most famous figures in “pop” culture participated in the “Met Gala” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, United States, on Monday evening. The annual fundraising event, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, saw actors, models, musicians, and even athletes come in to offer unique perspectives on … Read more

The official announcement of the Infinix Zero X phones.. Learn about its most prominent features

13 – September – 2021 Infinix Zero X Today, Infinix officially announced the new versions of the Infinix Zero X, the Infinix Zero X Pro and the Z Neo, which are launched with periscope cameras. New versions of Infinix phones launch with periscope cameras that support optical zoom up to 5 times, and digital zoom … Read more

What are the most prominent features in the upcoming “Phone 13” series?

5 – September – 2021 iPhone 13 The latest leaked images revealed the MagSafe cases for the upcoming Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, where the brand appears clearly on the back, so the images confirm that the upcoming series will come titled iPhone 13. The leaks indicate that Apple will support the upcoming versions of … Read more

Bull Market. Missing the goalkeeper and a prominent player. Rating 6

On the last day of the market Vagnati placed his shots, from Brekalo to Zima to close with Praet. Previously, Pobega had also arrived, all players who must now be amalgamated, magic word in football, from Juric. Amrabat would probably have been the surprise hit, the long-awaited name, which Fiorentina doesn’t need much, but no … Read more

“iPhone 13” leaks do not stop.. and these are the most prominent of them

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