“You would reconcile if we were wiped out,” they feared for Balta. NATO has promised reinforcements

NATO’s previous strategic document from 2010 referred to Russia as a “strategic partner”. In this year’s edition, it is already “the most significant direct threat to the security of allies and to peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region”. The strengthening of the military presence on the Eastern flank of the Alliance will depend on … Read more

The world and Lithuania are promised a recession: only one sector will win

In the news, the head of the company stated that recession, generally speaking, generally means a slowdown in the economy. “Before that there was talk of stagflation, but we see that central banks, starting with the Bank of England, the US central bank, have taken measures to control inflation and the ECB has now also … Read more

I’m overwhelmed, I’ll visit Becker in prison during Wimbledon, McEnroe promised

They met on the court and at the end of their careers at the microphone as tennis experts on television. Now John McEnroe, an American, will have to do without his German colleague Boris Becker at London’s Wimbledon. He is serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence behind bars. When six-time Wimbledon champion Becker was fined for insolvency … Read more

Powell promised to continue raising interest rates, gold futures hit a 16-month low for three consecutive black copper | Anue Juheng

US Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Powell attended a congressional hearing on Wednesday (22nd) and expressed his stance on continuing to raise interest rates to tame inflation.Gold FuturesSlightly down, closing black for the third consecutive trading day,Copper futuresIt fell to a 16-month low. New York for August deliveryGold FuturesPrices closed down $0.40, or 0.02%, at $1,838.40 … Read more

which countries delivered 100% of what was promised (infographics) – tsn.ua

The United States fulfilled its promises by 48%, but the amount of both the agreed and already sent funds significantly exceeds the amounts of other countries. Poland, Canada, Norway, Latvia, France, Italy and Belgium fulfilled the promised deliveries weapons Ukraine 100%. These countries are slightly inferior to the United Kingdom, which sent 90%. About it … Read more

Chusmiza-Usmagama: the remote Aymara community that dried up a bottling plant and that Boric promised to repair

“During the second half of the year, almost 15,000 hectares will be handed over to the Chusmiza-Usmagama Aymara community, located in the Tarapacá region.” Almost halfway through the public account, when President Gabriel Boric referred to the indigenous peoples, a handful of families in the remote foothills of Tarapacá could not help but get excited. … Read more

Fallen Dynasty Definitely Soulslike, Promised Challenging • Jagat Play

A title that came as a surprise, this might be the right sentence to explain the position of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty which was announced for the first time at the Xbox – Bethesda Showcase event some time ago. He made the setting of three countries “Sam Kok” as the basis, but now filled with … Read more

‘Only 10 percent of promised weapons delivered’ • Gas price rises after message about less gas

British Foreign Secretary Truss says the government is doing everything it can to free the two Britons imprisoned in Ukraine. Aiden Aslin, 28, and Shaun Pinner, 48, fought with the Ukrainian army, but were captured by Russian troops in April. A court in the self-declared People’s Republic of Donetsk found them guilty of terrorism and … Read more

Promised Two Months, Auto 2000 Krida Hasn’t Delivered The Car

Complaint (SOLVED) I purchased a Toyota Voxy Car at Auto 2000 Krida Cilandak with SPK on March 17, 2022, with the promise that the car will arrive no later than two months, which means May 17, 2022. However, it was informed that in June 2022, no cars were dropped to the dealer. While I’m still … Read more

The King of Belgium apologized for his cruelty during his visit to the Congo. He also promised to return the stolen art – ČT24 – Czech Television

The King of Belgium offered the Suk Nation Mask to the Congolese National Museum as a loan for an indefinite period. The artifact has been the property of the Belgian Royal Museum for Central Africa for decades. “I am here to return this exceptional work to you so that the Congolese can admire it. It … Read more