The Pokemon Scarlet Violet patch comes as Nintendo promises to take technical issues seriously

The Pokemon Scarlet Violet patch comes as Nintendo promises to take technical issues seriously The first update came after the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet along with a promise from Nintendo to take the games’ technical issues seriously. Patch notes were released in Nintendo website For Pokémon Scarlet and Violet version 1.1.0, the broken … Read more

Residents Leverage Anies’ Promises After the Endless Polemics of Kampung Bayam

Jakarta – No Anies Baswedan residents of Kampung Susun Bayam were mentioned in the middle of the polemic about the rental rates for this flat. Residents claim Anies’ promise when he was still the Governor of DKI Jakarta. The promise in question is that residents can immediately enter and occupy the Kampung Susun Bayam dwelling. … Read more

Nintendo promises performance improvements for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet aren’t performing as well as fans had hoped on the Nintendo Switch. The latest generation of Pokemon games are struggling with performance issues, which Nintendo has now also admitted. Players have reported a number of issues with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Nintendo I a message to fans the company acknowledges … Read more

OnePlus promises four OS upgrades for smartphone ‘selection’ from 2023

Frankly, I think there are few phone manufacturers without issues. Everyone always bases everything on their own personal experience that they had with 1 or 2 devices, but that does not mean that a brand or specific model is completely useless and you should stay away from it. I still find it a bit shortsighted. … Read more

After being questioned, the Director of Soewandhie Hospital promises that starting tomorrow the patient will be served before 7 minutes

Starting Tuesday (29/11/2022) tomorrow, RSUD Dr. Mohamad Soewandhie promised that in a maximum of 7 minutes, patients who come must be served. This policy follows the evaluation of Eri Cahyadi Mayor of Surabaya’s spot inspection today, Monday (28/11/2022). Doctor Billy Daniel Messakh Director of RSUD Dr. Mohamad Soewandhie Surabaya ensures that patients who arrive on … Read more

“Everything I hate in politics”, denounces François De Smet: at Challenge, the presidential election promises to be tighter and tenser than announced

The electoral campaign for the Challenge presidency was to be only a formality. She took a very different turn. “There are limits to what is acceptable in an internal campaignwrote François De Smet, current president of Défi, on social networks this Thursday. Spend three weeks phoning each member, one by one. To the point of … Read more

Qatar promises a climate-neutral World Cup, but that turns out to be a fairy tale | climate

The World Cup in Qatar presents itself as the first climate-neutral World Cup. But football association FIFA bases that claim on juggling with figures and offsetting CO2 emissions with dubious projects. In reality, the World Cup is anything but climate neutral. Een WK midden in de woestijn, in een land dat zijn rijkdom volledig te … Read more

Suzuki Avenis 125 owner can sleep well, Suzuki promises this after-sales service – As we all know together, Suzuki Avenis 125 has been officially sold in the Indonesian market at a price of IDR 29,970,000 on the road DKI Jakarta. It is now one of the motorcycle product lines Suzuki Indonesia The latest is coming in 2022. Not only offering a sporty and modern design, the … Read more

UN CLIMATE CONFERENCE: A fair of vanity and empty promises

Representatives of 200 UN member countries needed two extra days at the COP27 climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, to finally agree on a compromise version of the final document after 14 days on Sunday. But the result is futile. The highly controversial text talks about helping poor countries affected by climate change. But without … Read more