Ingeniously simple invention by scientists promises big change in emissions – great news for car owners

The team believes that such a solution can be used not only on industrial chimneys, but also on car exhaust pipes and other sources of carbon dioxide. Only subscribers can read the entire article By becoming a subscriber, you support independent authors and journalists. A strong and free media is a pillar of democracy and … Read more

Video – McGregor promises ‘the greatest and biggest sports comeback in history’

UFC star Conor McGregor has hinted he’s about to return to the octagon, after he proudly showed off a video of some of his most notable fighting events online, and vowed to showcase “the greatest and greatest sporting comeback in history”. The Irish fighter was absent for more than a year, after suffering a terrible … Read more

Elections, from the flat tax to the tax wedge: the promises of the parties on taxes

The electoral campaign is getting underway and fiscal policy is one of the most discussed topics. To make more noise, for now, is the proposal for a flat tax advanced – in different forms – by Forza Italia and Lega and present in the program of the center-right. At the center of the debate there … Read more

Boom! China Promises To Take Over Taiwan With Military Power: What Can The US Do? – China there is absolutely no intention of letting go Taiwan merdeka. China seems to be doing everything in his power to ‘reclaim’ Taiwan. In the Bulgarian Military report on August 11, 2022, China absolutely no intention of giving up the plan to annex Taiwan. China it has long had a problem that is … Read more

Has launched website for PC games – promises Uncharted launch this year

Sony has launched a “Playstation games for PC” website that lists available PC games and one upcoming one that we have not yet been served. Miles Morales will be launched this autumn We know that Spider-Man Remastered PC launches today, a game we awarded with 9 out of 10 points in our test this week. … Read more

Center-right program, lots of promises, but is there money?

The election campaign for the political elections of 25 September 2022 has now come to life, with the definition of the agreements between the parties and the publication of the electoral programs. Yesterday it was the turn of the center-right, which set its electoral promises at 15 points in case of victory in the elections. … Read more

Poland will receive money from the EU recovery fund only after fulfilling its promises :: Dienas Bizness

The European Union (EU) should punish countries that use rubles to pay for Russian gas, Polish Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskva has announced. As already announced, the Russian gas company “Gazprom” announced on Wednesday that it stopped supplying gas to Poland via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline and to Bulgaria, because they refused to pay … Read more

Budget for 2023 already has a hole of R$ 142.7 billion with Bolsonaro’s electoral promises

Budget for 2023 already has a hole of R$ 142.7 billion with Bolsonaro’s electoral promises Photo: Adriano Machado / Reuters O budget of 2023 that the government needs to send to Congress by the end of the month already has a hole of R$ 142.7 billion, if all the main and most expensive promises of … Read more

More carbon and additives. Moscow Minister makes promises for September

The minister was asked by the newspaper whether there will be more coal supplies, as according to the estimates of the Ministry of Climate and Environment This year, Poland will import about 13 million tons of coal, of which 6 million tons have already arrived, and another over 6 million tons are under contract. However, … Read more

You see, the Red Magician Promises to Close Youtube Channel If the Shaman is True, Now He Openly Claims to Believe in the Unseen, What’s the Difference?

Jakarta – Red Magician alias Marcel Radhival still continues to be in the spotlight after his feud with witch doctor impersonate religion Gus Samsudin continues. It is known that Gus Samsudin is the owner of spiritual medicine hermitage True Essence Nur from Blitar, East Java. You see, the Red Magician Promises to Close Youtube Channel … Read more