The United States promises not to compromise on NATO’s “open door” policy

In an interview, CNN politicians said the U.S. and Russia could seek common ground in areas such as arms control, security, risk mitigation, or the deployment of missile systems. “Simultaneously [Rusijos] Minister of Foreign Affairs [Sergejui] I have made it clear to Lavrov that there are certain fundamental principles on which we will not compromise. … Read more

Raffi Ahmad promises Mesut Ozil will be bought by RANS Cilegon FC, but there are conditions: Okezone Bola

JAKARTA – Issues about Mesut Ozil join RANS Cilegon FC it seems that it will really come true because Raffi Ahmad as chairman of the club has promised to bring the Fenerbahce player to Indonesia. Raffi will make Ozil play for Rans Cilegon as long as certain conditions are met first. Quoting from a video … Read more

Nine promises full battery in five minutes. We have tried.

Will do battery charging as quickly as refuel the tank with diesel or gasoline. Nio’s battery replacement station can look like an advanced car washing machine. But here it is electricity, and not water that goes in. Photo: Geir Amundsen 21. jan. 2022 13:15 Last updated yesterday 14:19 This is not about fast chargers with … Read more

Following Microsoft Deal, Activision Blizzard Promises Exciting Announcements About Future Games Coming Soon

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft It has been quite a bombshell inside and outside the video game industry, since it has positioned itself as one of the most spectacular purchases in history, after the disbursement of approximately 70,000 million dollars. However, this acquisition will bring to Xbox an exciting portfolio of games, technology, … Read more

Debate, Birk Blekken | That kind of distaste for both the will of the people and one’s own promises should have consequences

Columnist This text expresses the writer’s personal views. After the election on September 11, one thing seemed carved in stone; The regional reform was to be reversed. The bay was to give way to Østfold, Buskerud and Akershus. Large parts of the Storting had agreed to want to reverse the county boundaries, and the Hurdal … Read more

Fiat Panda EV promises to be the cheapest electric car on the market

The Italian construction company recently announced its plans to expand its electric vehicle fleet. This will happen with the launch of the new Fiat Panda EV, an all-electric car. The brand’s main commitment to this vehicle is to make it the cheapest electric vehicle in the entire automotive market. A promise that pleases those interested … Read more

Fernando promises his father that he will stay away from Sofia | Arelys Henao

Arelys Henao, I sing not to cry , is a musical and genre bionovela that attacks machismo, femicide and empowers women; a call for non-gender violence, through the narration of the most transcendental events in the life of Arelys Henao, who is one of the most important interpreters of popular music in the country and … Read more

Stoltenberg promises to make Russian security proposals to Russia soon

“We will write in writing soon To Russia its proposals, it shall be informed thereof. “These written proposals reflect our serious involvement in the negotiations … on arms control, on transparency in military activities, on missiles, and many other issues,” he told NATO spokesman Der Spiegel. “However, we are not ready to go down on … Read more

Ryamizard and His Soldiers’ Promises Amid Alleged State Losses in Satellite Procurement All

JAKARTA, – Former Minister of Defense (Minister of Defense) Ryamizard Ryacudu raise your voice over the polemic of the project satellite the Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan) that occurred during his leadership era in 2015. He responded to the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD, who touched on the … Read more

West Ham sank a disastrous defense. Moyes promises reinforcements, but he doesn’t have much time

Poor defense performance cost West Ham points to Leeds after losing 2: 3. This can be a problem for Hammers. Meanwhile, the fans are looking for reinforcements, they have not seen them yet. There are only two weeks left until the end of the transfer period. For West Ham, the duel with Leeds was a … Read more