Antidepressants promote bacterial resistance to antibiotics

THE ESSENTIAL Antibiotic resistance can affect anyone, regardless of age or country of residence. According to the WHO, an increasing number of infections, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis or gonorrhea, salmonellosis, are more difficult to treat because of antibiotic resistance. The resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is mainly linked to an excessive or inappropriate use of … Read more

News from Congress – They seek to promote traditional medicine in the Senate forum

During the inauguration of the “Intercultural Forum of entheogenic medicine” that took place in the Senate of the Republic, legislators, legislators and specialists spoke out for establishing new agreements for the respect, legality and biopreservation of ancestral knowledge. The president of the Commission on Indigenous Affairs, Senator Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz (PAN) pointed out the importance … Read more

Papa: Promote the integral good of the individual

On Thursday, January 26, during a meeting with members of Acifero, the Italian Association of Foundations and Philanthropic Bodies, Pope Francis called for the cultivation of three fundamental values. C. Rubini CTC, Vatican News The Pope was speaking at the Vatican on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Italian Assifero, the Italian association … Read more

Antidepressants promote bacterial resistance to antibiotics

Researchers from the University of Queensland have pinpointed the mechanisms behind bacterial resistance to antibacterial drugs. The particularity of this study is that it is intended to prove that bacteria subjected to antidepressants would be better able to resist antibiotics. The results of their study, published in Proceedings of theNational Academy of Sciences, confirm this … Read more

The Vaud Red Cross wants to promote mutual aid through a video game

The Vaud Red Cross launched a free video game called “Let’s Help Together” on Tuesday. Its objective is to promote mutual aid, especially among a younger public. “Volunteering is a collective and intergenerational affair, whether the involvement is occasional or long-term. In order to arouse interest in this activity among the population, in particular among … Read more

Karmi Khayyat: We did not resort to encryption as they promote, but we demanded intellectual property rights that are guaranteed by local and international laws

The Vice-Chairman and CEO of “Al-Jadeed” channel, Karmi Khayyat, indicated to “Voice of Lebanon” radio that the interruption of “Al-Jadeed” and “LBC” broadcasts took place without anyone contacting her in advance. She added, “No one understood what happened. They told me that we were cut off, and we had no news. We did not ask … Read more

Brazil and Argentina discuss to promote a common currency to promote regional trade and reduce dependence on the US dollar | Brazil_Sina

Install the Sina Finance client to receive the most comprehensive market information for the first time→【download link】 Brazil, Argentina discuss common currency The British “Financial Times” reported on the 22nd, citing officials familiar with the matter, that Brazil and Argentina are expected to announce this week that they will start preparations for the establishment of … Read more

“China News” ten departments promote the elimination of cervical cancer action, to speed up the approval of domestic HPV vaccine | Anue Juheng – A shares

“Economic News Agency 20th Special News” National Health and Medical Commission, National Medical Insurance Administration and other 10 departments issued the “Action Plan for Accelerating the Elimination of Cervical Cancer (2023-2030)”, aiming to promote HPV vaccination services for school-age girls on a pilot basis by 2025; Cervical cancer screening rate for women of appropriate age … Read more

What foods promote inflammation

24vita health Created: 01/18/2023 9:56 p.m Von: Natalie Hull Drawbar Split The risk of chronic diseases increases with age. Seven foods such as coffee, sugar or meat promote inflammation in diabetes, arthrosis and rheumatism. Chronic inflammation is the cause of complaints and diseases such as Hashimoto as severe inflammation of the thyroid gland, diabetes, rheumatism, … Read more