BGR Banco General Rumiñahui – Alliance between BGR and CFN promotes credit for MYPIMES

BGR and CFN consolidated a strategic alliance to promote access to productive credits for MSMEs Por BGR App, News App móvil, BGR Net, Aplicación Móvil 12 Comments Quito, January 2021.- BGR, a financial institution that seeks to stand out through various attributes oriented towards clients, collaborators and shareholders, within the framework of the project for … Read more

Hans Klaffl promotes refugee project – Ebersberg

He makes it exciting, as always. Hans Klaffl is sitting in his office with a present wrapped in gold on the table in front of him. Square at the bottom, tapering to a point at the top. “One hundred percent self-made,” says the Ebersberg cabaret artist, grinning mischievously and giving a cryptic hint: the content … Read more

30 schools in Barcelona will join this course in the municipal program that promotes healthier menus

A total of 30 schools in Barcelona will join this course to the municipal program that promotes healthier and more sustainable menus in schools, with more presence of vegetable protein and less red or processed meat. This is the initiative ‘Healthier and more sustainable school canteens’, which is supervised by the Barcelona Public Health Agency … Read more

Germany promotes development of drugs against COVID | Europe up to date | DW

The head of German Scientific Research, Anja Karliczek, stressed this Wednesday (01.06.2021) the importance of having, in addition to vaccines, medicines and therapeutic agents against COVID-19, for which her ministry has launched a program of aid to support their development. Along with the availability of vaccines, having “safe and effective” therapeutic agents is “decisive to … Read more

With strengthened medical services, IMUJERIS promotes the right to health of morelians

By signing an agreement between the Municipal Institute of Women for Substantive Equality (IMUJERIS) and the Municipal Clinic ”Dr. José Pilar Ruiz Neri ”, the services provided to women in the medical area of ​​the municipal agency will be strengthened. The head of the institution, Concepción Torres Zaragoza and the general director of the hospital, … Read more

Government promotes creation of a Legal Defense Insurance for Carabineros

The debate on the Public Sector Readjustment Law was tense and prolonged. It lasted for almost two weeks of processing in Congress, which were not only followed by the authorities of the Ministry of Finance and the union associations of public entities, but also by the Carabineros. And not precisely because of protests and security … Read more

Apple promotes the integration of Fitness + and Apple Music

One of the key features that Apple touts with its new Fitness + training service is deep integration with Apple Music. One of the ways this is manifesting itself now is with a dedicated category in the Music app, allowing users to quickly view playlists of Fitness + workouts. With this novelty, Apple promotes the … Read more

Apple removed an app that promotes underground parties

Vybe Together debuted just 4 months ago, in the middle of the pandemic. It had the characteristic that it could only be used by member users. A few days ago, those responsible for the platform pThey published a video promoting meetings in New York for the New Year, something that is prohibited. The news reached … Read more

This is how art works when it promotes social change

Reading time: 2 mins. Did you know that through art a social change can be generated? This is possible thanks to the fact that artists, of any discipline, manage to communicate and transmit values ​​and ideals through their work. Art is capable of impacting in a way that other communication channels cannot. A clear example … Read more

Diputación promotes a campaign to raise awareness against animal abandonment and adopt pets instead of buying them

Coinciding with the Christmas season, the Huelva Provincial Council, through the Environment service, is developing an awareness campaign to combat the abandonment of pets and promote the adoption of animals from the Valverde del Camino Provincial Refuge. Throught social media -Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- the campaign emphasizes that An animal is not a toy. Do … Read more