Advertisements promoting the knowledge of Lithuania and Vilnius have been recognized as the best in the world

Since 1989 World Tourism Clips Awards CIFFT Circuit annually collects the world’s best clips of the country, city, region, tourism services and products. This year, 1,300 participants from more than 90 countries took part in 13 intermediate festivals. The best entries are selected by a panel of experts in the fields of tourism, audiovisual arts … Read more

Aluminum salts again suspected of promoting breast cancer

“What interests us above all are the chronic compositions, what happens during repeated exposure and this is what happens with anti-perspirants” specifies Stefano Mandriota. Why is aluminum used so much when no beneficial function for the human body is attributed to it? The industry adds it in its formulas for its viscosity, its moisturizing function … Read more

The Chinese Football Association is actively promoting the national football home game, waiting for the official approval_training

Original title: The Chinese Football Association is actively promoting the national football home game waiting for the official final approval Article source: Xinhua News Agency On the 18th, the Chinese men’s football team conducted their first training during the closed isolation period in Suzhou. National Football News Officer Che Hengzhi said that after returning to … Read more

Promoting mental health is important in terms of public health and the vitality of the regions

Promoting mental health and good care of people with mental disorders is important with regard to public health and the vitality of the regions. Mental illness costs society about six billion euros a year. In many cases, the family’s access to care is delayed and the problems grow. The corona pandemic has increased mental illness … Read more

Superbonus, the crux of costs and effectiveness in promoting energy saving. M5s: “Analyzing and overcoming any critical issues”

The Superbonus 110% needs a tune-up. The first stone in the pond was thrown by the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco, warning that in the long run, the effect on public finances could be “stratospheric“. But in addition to costing the state a lot of the maxi incentive, undoubtedly effective in putting the turbo to … Read more

“Promoting the Spirit of Women’s Volleyball and Teaching Volleyball Skills” Activities Entered Dagang Oilfield

Executive summary:The volleyball coach Kong Lingpeng started teaching activities. Under the guidance of the coach, the employees learned the rules, formation and sports skills of the air volleyball event, and then started group confrontation…   Jinyun News:On October 9, the event of “Promoting the Spirit of Women’s Volleyball and Teaching Volleyball Skills” Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Championship … Read more

Krzysztof Skiba showed a music video promoting the series “Ekler” about Father Rydzyk

The action of the series “Ekler” takes place in the editorial office of the TV “Wytrwamy”, whose leader is Father Guide. Famous people from political life come to him. Names are not mentioned, but there are hints. There is Minister Łukasz (Bartłomiej Kasprzykowski), wearing a smock and medical headphones. Next to him, Rafał Rutkowski, who … Read more

Clubhouse will allow sharing and promoting content with clips

Clubhouse began testing the creation of 30-second clips to promote the conversations that take place on the platform on social networks. It also introduced a new search bar and anticipated the arrival of the playback of past conversations. Universal Search was introduced this Thursday for both the iOS and Android apps. With it, Clubhouse users … Read more

After being accused of promoting takfiri ideology, Mahmoud Shaaban requests the testimony of the Sheikh of Al-Azhar and Muhammad Hassan

Mohamed Farag Posted on: Saturday, October 2, 2021 – 3:12 AM | Last update: Saturday October 2, 2021 – 3:17 AM Informed legal sources revealed that Sheikh Mahmoud Shaaban, during his interrogation in the new case, which bears No. 595 of 2020, asked to limit the security of a supreme state, to hear the testimony … Read more

Promoting interpersonal skills, teleworking could slow down innovation

During the pandemic, many telecommuting employees were able to exploit the relational networks they had in the company. Indispensable to mutual aid, the exchange of information and innovation, these networks have nevertheless stopped evolving, they have become rigid, according to a Microsoft Research * study. The researchers rely on communications data (audio / video calls, … Read more