Labor Proposal Fails, DKI 2023 UMP Maximum “Only” Increases 10 Percent Page all

JAKARTA, – The workers’ suggestion that the 2023 DKI Provincial Minimum Wage could increase by 10.55 percent is certain to fail. Although value UMP DKI 2023 has not yet been determined, but Acting (Pj) Governor of DKI Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono has ensured that the maximum value of the increase is only 10 percent. … Read more

Crisis in emergencies: an “excellent proposal” on the table, according to Dubé

Freeing up beds on the floors to unclog the overflowing emergencies of Greater Montreal, “it is not done by shouting scissors”, indicates the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, who nevertheless considers excellent, a proposal made in this direction by his cell of crisis. • Read also – Overcrowded hospitals: the obligation of the mask is … Read more

Ministry of Education’s proposal for the 2023 school calendar includes days of Transgender Visibility, Sexual Health and the Month of Memory and Democracy

Last Friday, November 18, the General Education Division of the Mineduc delivered to the Regional Ministerial Secretariats the guidelines regarding the school calendar for 2023, where aspects related to commemorations that imply a shift from previous years were included, such as the suggestion of adding the days of Transgender Visibility and Sexual Health as “outstanding” … Read more

These are the zodiac signs that receive a love PROPOSAL on the NEW Moon in November

After several bad fortunes with the lunar phases and past eclipses, many are waiting for the new Moon of november that will be in Sagittariusbecause optimism will be what will characterize it and, it is that several signs of zodiac will receive some proposals of amorwhich will leave you very surprised. even though this new … Read more

To hell with Europe, they are raging in Russia because of the WC. A proposal was made for an NHL event without Česká et spol.

They hoped the World Cup would catapult them back into the international community. But since the hockey NHL postponed the event, the Russians remain isolated and wondering what to do next. The next World Championship was to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia. However, following the invasion of Vladimir Putin’s troops into Ukraine, Finnish Tampere … Read more

Directors against the proposal of a new teacher hiring model

The Minister of Education has met in recent weeks with the teachers’ unions that have demonstrated against the proposal for a new model for hiring teachers. At issue is the “transformation” of national tenders into municipal lists. The choice of teachers, as proposed by the Ministry of Education (ME), will be decided by local boards … Read more

Sauliete reveals intimate details about the proposal she received

Sauliete says that Pēteris wanted to propose to her on her birthday on November 11, but the plan failed because of Katrīne’s behavior. She does not reveal the details, but states: “I did bad things for three days – said something wrong, did something wrong…” “They asked me: “Do you think they will propose to … Read more

Cak Imin agrees with the proposal from the Kades Association regarding the 9-year term of office

Jakarta – Chairman of the PKB Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar or Cak Imin supports changing the tenure of the village head from 6 years per period to 9 years per period. This, he said, was for the sake of more optimal village development. This proposal was initially voiced by the Association of Village Heads-Association of Indonesian … Read more

“Laisvieiai” did not represent its proposal for a concession for catering services: what happened

On Thursday, during the hearing on amendments to the Value Added Tax Law Seimas the majority of votes approved the package of proposals of Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė for 9%. VAT benefits for some businesses. I.Šimonytė proposed to apply an open-ended discount of 9 percent for visits to art and cultural institutions and events. VAT. … Read more

The Liberals believe their proposal for increased child benefit should be palatable for all parties – Vårt Land

On Tuesday, the Liberal Party presents its alternative to the national budget. It contains a proposal to increase child benefit by NOK 8,000 a year. Without the state being charged a single kroner. The increased rates are to be financed by those with high incomes by taxing their child benefit. – If child benefit is … Read more