Ethics in the new medical program – national goal description is proposed

Polesie itself, docent, specialist in skin and venereal diseases, Sahlgrenska University Hospital; professional development leader for ethical approach, the medical program in Gothenburg, Jenny Lindberg, with dr, specialist in internal medicine and kidney medicine; theme responsible for professional development, medical program, Lund University, Saima DiderichsenMD, ST physician in general medicine, department of clinical science, unit … Read more

Again, Village Funds are Proposed to Overcome Rabies in Flores-Lembata

DOCUMENT DRH MARGARETHA SIKO Veterinarian (drh) Maria Margaretha Siko is injecting dogs belonging to residents in Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara, 25 September 2020, coinciding with World Rabies Day. In 2023, the number of rabies vaccines available is only 15,000 doses from state budget funds, so it is proposed that the Village Fund can be used … Read more

The FDA proposed that the doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 be annual

The FDA proposed that the doses of the COVID-19 vaccine be annual. (REUTERS/Andrew Kelly) The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English) proposed to simplify the vaccination schedule against COVID-19 and that the doses be annual, as is the case with the common flu. In a series of documents published this … Read more

Eliminating cargo flights in AICM within the period proposed by the Government is unrealizable: airlines – El Financiero

The draft presidential decree that seeks eliminate air cargo operations in Mexico City International Airport (AICM) it lacks logistical analysis, assured the National Chamber of Air Transport (Canaero). The group also remarked that the migration of operations to another air port, such as Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), it would take about a year. In … Read more

The ministry proposed free emergency accommodation for refugees for a maximum of 150 days

Some departments, regions or employers do not agree with the proposed adjustment, they request a revision. According to them, there are not enough vacant apartments on the market to which refugees from the facility could move. They warn against worsening the situation of refugees and against trafficking in poverty. According to the spokeswoman of the … Read more

The FTC’s case against Microsoft’s proposed Activision merger will have its first preliminary hearing on Tuesday

A new report has revealed that the first preliminary hearing of the complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to block Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision deal would be this Tuesday. (via Reuters) The complaint, announced in December 2022, was pushed back after agency commissioners voted 3-1. In its press release announcing the decision to … Read more

Speedway: The leader of Falubaz proposed to a Polish journalist.

Polish representation 2 hours. This Pole played against the king of football. “Pele comforted us” As we left the pitch, Pele approached our goalkeeper and gave him a friendly pat on the head. Basically, not to worry because he was great even though he conceded five goals. I completely agreed with him – Eugeniusz Lerch … Read more

Called the evil eye, this is the face of Syahrini’s sister when Reino Barack’s proposal: How come she was proposed to by her brother…

Hops.ID – Existence Syahrini when I was still an artist as well as a singer, I couldn’t escape it Aisharanihis younger sister. Aisharani is the person who organizes all activities Syahrini when he became a famous singer in Indonesia. Become a manager Syahrini, Aisharani of course attached to her brother, maybe including in love matters. … Read more

Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver, gout? The Christmas menus proposed by the experts (and advice for everyone)

Il pleasure of good foodmostly together of loved ones, it’s good for the mood. Beware, however, a do not overdo it between Christmas lunches, aperitifs and dinners with friends. For eat healthy and well on holidays without sacrificing tastethe Italian Society of Internal Medicine (SIMI) gives some useful tips. “The valid advice for everyone is … Read more

all the changes proposed in the commission

Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti presented the package of amendments to the Chamber on Sunday to modify the Economic maneuver. Here are all the proposed points below. Social measures, in line with the structure of the maneuver presented to Parliament: 1) recalculation up to 25,000 euros, instead of 20,000 euros, of the amount of remuneration for … Read more