Because the Lega and Matteo Salvini do not like the naval blockade proposed by Giorgia Meloni

The center-right is discussing the naval blockade to stop illegal immigration. A proposal, put forward by Giorgia Meloni, which the League does not like, which already has a solution of its own on this dossier: to re-propose the safety decrees of Matteo Salvini. In the middle of the election campaign, Giorgia Meloni has returned to … Read more

Gino Biancalana proposed to his pregnant girlfriend (video)

Although Gino Biancalana left Big Brother as the winner, not once but twice, the beloved reality star proved that popularity is not among his top priorities. Unlike most people who somehow managed to get fame, however short-lived, who do everything in their power to hold on to it, pushing themselves insistently in front of every … Read more

The main problem in the Škelda market is the incompatible conditions of the proposed contracts, says Indriksone

The amount of wood chips required for Latvia’s heat supply is sufficient for this heating season. Both Latvia has confirmed this in several meetings with Economy Minister Ilzi Indriksoni Wood industry federation, both AS “Latvian state forests” and chip production companies. At the moment, the main problem for both parties is the incompatible terms of … Read more

This is the “vaccine” against megafires proposed by forestry engineers

Los fires are sweeping Spain again this summer. Despite the efforts of those fighting to contain the damage, since Spain has one of the most sophisticated systems and allocates considerable resources to extinction, a “more balanced and comprehensive approach is necessary, not only focused on prioritizing extinction”has pointed out the Official College of Forestry Engineers … Read more

South Sulawesi girl was proposed with a profit of IDR 5 billion to bring in 7 artists

Monday, August 1, 2022 – 00:54 WIB VIVA National – Viral again a woman in South Sulawesi proposed fantastically. This time, it happened in the District Pinrang with the bride being proposed up to IDR 5 billion plus the event reception which took place luxuriously by bringing in up to 7 artists from the Capital … Read more

Today comes out “A day in Paris”, the song with which Esteman proposed to her boyfriend

The Bogota singer-songwriter Esteman, who lives in Mexico, went viral this week after proposing to her boyfriend in a romantic serenade in the middle of a picnic on the banks of the Seine River in Paris. In the middle of the interpretation of his new song “A day in Paris”, the artist took out a … Read more

Juve, Pogba unleashes the domino effect on the market: from Saul to Veretout, passing through Fabian Ruiz, who proposed to the bianconeri

Market intermediaries at work. In the inbox of the Juventusin the aftermath of the injury of Pogba, various messages from market professionals who proposed their clients to Juventus. As he tells, at the moment we are working on the exits. The knot has to be solved Arthur and there is Rabiot waiting for the … Read more

Twitter shareholders will vote in September on the approval of the deal proposed by E. Musk Business

The company is currently preparing for a legal battle with the Tesla executive over his decision to withdraw from the deal, and a judge has set a first court date for October. “Twitter is of the opinion that Musk’s proposed termination is void and illegal, and the merger agreement remains in effect,” CEO Parag Agrawal … Read more

TV show producer Mantas Bertulis proposed to his girlfriend on a ship in Nida: you won’t believe it, but she said “YES”!

“We met exactly a year ago in Nida. And that was enough time for me to realize that this is the person with whom I want to hold hands and walk hand in hand until the end. And you won’t believe it, but she said “YES”!”, M. Bertulis was happy on his Facebook account. He … Read more