Protesters refuse to leave Iraq’s parliament

Supporters of influential Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr refuse to leave Iraq the parliament building where they stormed on Wednesday to protest the nomination of a prime minister from a rival political bloc. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Police fired tear gas in an attempt to stop hundreds of protesters from breaking into the … Read more

Protesters refuse to leave Iraq’s parliament

The protests represent a new challenge for oil-rich Iraq, which remains mired in political and socio-economic crisis despite rising global energy prices. Sadr’s bloc won the most votes in Iraq’s parliamentary elections in October, but fell short of a majority in parliament, and has yet to form a new government nine months after the elections. … Read more

Abortion in the US, Joe Biden’s appeal to protesters: “Keep protesting, it is of crucial importance”

“Keep protesting. Keep holding the point. It is of crucial importance ”. The president of the United States, Joe Biden supports the demonstrators and calls on them to continue the protests for the right to abortion. After the Supreme Court decision overturning the Roe v. Wade of 1973in fact, thousands of people took to the … Read more

Sri Lankan president forced to leave residence before thousands of protesters arrive

The footage broadcast on the private TV channel “Sirasa” shows protesters breaking into the previously heavily guarded presidential residence. Sri Lanka has been experiencing months of food and fuel shortages, long-term power outages and soaring inflation, with foreign reserves needed to import essential goods running out. The unprecedented severe economic crisis has caused widespread unrest. … Read more

A striking new testimony reveals Trump’s role in the attack on the Capitol by protesters / Article

Clashes between police and protesters left five people dead and many injured. The role of former President Trump in the attacks is currently being investigated. A committee of the US House of Representatives this week heard the most vivid testimony so far regarding the invasion of the Capitol on January 6 of last year, which … Read more

Protesters take to the streets in Spain and Morocco after tragedy in the Spanish enclave of Melilla | Abroad

Thousands of people took to the streets in several Spanish cities and in the Moroccan city of Rabat to protest the death of 23 African migrants in the Spanish enclave of Melilla a week ago. According to the demonstrators, European migration policy is aimed at ‘militarizing the borders’. In Spain, protests took place in Barcelona, … Read more

The Moment House of Protesters Condemns Pengina Nabi in India Evicted by Bulldozers

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Authorities in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh demolished several houses of Muslim residents accused of clashing against the insult of the Prophet Muhammad. Share : 0 COMMENTS RELATED TOPIC

Sarmi is scary, the regional secretary and 3 police are beaten by mobs, 6 protesters are shot

Saturday, May 28, 2022 – 07:15 WIB Regional Secretary Sarmi Elias Bakay became a victim of anarchist demonstrators who blocked the road to demand compensation for the Upper Tor Bridge, Friday (27/5). ANTARA/HO/Personal documents, SARMI – The demonstration of hundreds of residents at the Tor Atas Bridge, Sarmi Regency, Papua was anarchistic and tense. … Read more