Muradov’s connection to the Albanian mafia is to be proved by a secret tape. Save the mighty ash

Makhmud Muradov, an Uzbek refugee who has a second home in the Czech Republic, first had his passport canceled in France, then learned that the Czech Republic had canceled his long-term visa. According to the Ministry of the Interior, this is due to the possibility that he could endanger the security of the so-called way … Read more

Hopefully Not the Beginning of the World’s Destruction, These are 4 Stephen Hawking’s Strange Theories about the Universe that are Often Proved True! One of them is the Black Hole Theory

Sonora.ID – Stephen William Hawking or better known as Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and Research Director of the Center for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge. He is also referred to as the first person to display theory cosmology explained by combining the theory of general relativity and quantum mechanics. … Read more

There was no romance with a married man: Muceniece proved her case

The actress ensured that the rumors about her affair were officially refuted. Last year, the StarHit edition exclusively spoke about the new novel by Agatha Muceniece. Sources reported that the actress was allegedly dating director Klim Shipenko. It was alleged that they were seen in the box of the theater: the couple laughed, hugged and … Read more

The Al-Sharawneh raid was a turning point in dealing with “mafias.” The army proved highly professional… “There is no cover and no leniency with anyone.”

The army command has not officially announced the end of the military operation that began a few days ago in order to arrest a drug dealer and promoter known as Abu Basla, and the operation is still continuing to achieve the specified goal. According to the information, the arrest of Abu Basla and his gunmen … Read more

Scientists Have Proved: Adopting a Cat Relieves Depression

Depression, which is a general disease of our age, has taken many people captive, regardless of men or women. This disease, which became more widespread after the corona virus, also caused an increase in the use of antidepressants. The good news came from scientists. According to scientists, owning a cat saves from depression. Depression can … Read more

London: Russian infantry has proved ineffective in Ukraine

More than a quarter of Russian infantry tactical groups sent to take part in the conflict in Ukraine have proved ineffective. This is the assessment of British intelligence, announced by the authorities in London. The British Ministry of Defense, citing intelligence, gave a new assessment this morning of Russia’s losses since the beginning of the … Read more

Now on arms to Ukraine Conte clings to the UN. But he is proved wrong by the facts

Italy follows NATO: qualitative leap in military support for Kyiv. Mattarella in Strasbourg will confirm the need to help the resistance against Putin. But the M5s dreams of Costa Rica, and former premier Giuseppi tries to challenge the government’s choices. The Letta-Di Maio axis: one cannot isolate oneself in the Atlantic Alliance Being for once … Read more

The Polemic of KPK Leader Lili Proved To Be Lying at Press Conference but Not Ethically Tried

Jakarta – Deputy Chairperson of the KPK Lili Pintauli Siregar proven to be lying during a press conference in April 2021 regarding his communication with the Mayor of Tanjungbalai M Syahrial. Although proven to be lying, Lili Pintauli was not tried by the KPK Council in the ethics trial. This is what became the current … Read more

Lili Pintauli Proved Lying at the Press Conference

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Supervisory Board of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) declared the Commissioner Lili Pintauli Siregar proven to be lying in a press conference on April 30, 2021. However, the Dewas actually stopped the alleged ethical violation. This was known through the KPK Council letter number: R-978/PI.02.03/03-04/04/2022 dated April 20, 2022, which … Read more

Conservatives call for strengthening of Suwałki corridor fortification belt: a defense that has proved its worth at all times

Arvydas Pocius, a former commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces belonging to the Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD) faction in the Seimas, states that such fortifications have always paid off and could significantly strengthen the country’s security. Nevertheless, Darius Antanaitis, an expert on armaments and warfare, a reserve, is more cautious about this Conservative proposal. The … Read more