Spread of Covid-19 in 34 Provinces Today: National Okezone

JAKARTA – Positive case Covid-19 in the country increased by 3,145 cases today, Thursday (16/9/2021). So that the current positive accumulation of Covid-19 is more than 4.1 million cases or as many as 4,181,309 cases. In addition, 14,633 people have recovered from Covid-19 today. So that a total of 3,968,152 people recovered. Meanwhile, the number … Read more

Many Provinces Haven’t Updated Corona Cases for More Than 21 Days, This Is The Task Force’s Response

Jakarta – Spokesperson for the Handling Task Force COVID-19 Prof. Wiku Adisasmito responded to the problem that many provinces had not updated their data on COVID-19 cases in more than 21 days. According to him, the Corona case report is one of the important aspects in determining policies or strategies for handling COVID-19. Therefore, Wiku … Read more

33, get 2,500 baht for another month, transfer to Sept. Social Security The cabinet increases the second round of healing for the dark red areas in 13 provinces.

Ms. Ladda Saely, spokesman for the Social Security Office (SSO) revealed the progress of reimbursement payments to insurers under Section 33 in the dark red areas of 13 provinces in the second round that on the 7th This September, the Ministry of Labor will bring the matter to the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) to consider and … Read more

Dissatisfaction about hopeless formation is increasing in provinces: ‘Won’t go on like this for much longer’ | Politics

While no progress is being made in the cabinet formation, the country seems to continue to spin. The economy is running smoothly and the outgoing cabinet is making decisions about corona. Yet many political dossiers are at a standstill. For example, the outgoing cabinet does not dare to burn its fingers with new nitrogen rules. … Read more

CAAT prepares to launch flights into and out of 29 provinces in the dark red area, starting on September 1, 1964.

Today (30 Aug 2021) Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) Prepare measures to supportOpen domestic passenger flightsAvailable together from September 1 onwards. Air travel will be a closed system that can screen passengers and comply with the measures of Prof. Passengers can depart the crimson area in early September. The airline will check the documents … Read more

Covid-19 Cases Increase by 5,436 Today, Following are the Distributions in 34 Provinces: National Okezone

JAKARTA – Positive case Covid-19 in the country, it increased again by 5,436 on Monday, August 30, 2021. So the current positive accumulation of Covid-19 is more than 4 million cases or 4,079,267 cases. In addition, it was also reported that 19,398 people recovered from Covid-19 today. So that a total of 3,743,716 people recovered. … Read more

Acceleration of Vaccination Supported by “Cold Chain” Distribution Channels to 34 Provinces

Merdeka.com – The government continues to make efforts to accelerate vaccination and emphasizes to the public that all Covid-19 vaccines are effective and safe. In line with this, on August 23, 2021, Indonesia received the arrival of the 42nd phase of the vaccine, which is 5 million doses of vaccine, which will be produced by … Read more

How the rents of the studios have changed, the map of the provinces – idealista / news

The pandemic, especially with its more restrictive consequences such as i lockdown, helped redefine the perceptions of spaces in the house and therefore of the priorities in the housing choices. After theanalysis on the villas, let’s see how i rents for studios in the Italian provinces between the second quarter of 2020 and the same … Read more

Cabinet taps to distribute money to heal “Social Insurance” 2 months 29 provinces. Dark Red.

Reporters reported that today (Aug 03, 64) Mr. Anucha Burachaisri, spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) today agreed to expand the scope of mitigation measures and provide assistance to labor groups and entrepreneurs. being in the area of ​​maximum control and strict consensus The Cabinet on 13 July 64, … Read more

Distribution of Covid-19 Cases in 34 Provinces As of August 3, 2021: National Okezone

JAKARTA – Positive case Covid-19 as of today, Tuesday, August 3, 2021, it has increased by 33,900. With this addition, the accumulation of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia is 3,496,700. The data is known from the website of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) RI. Meanwhile, the number of recovered patients increased by 31,324, bringing the accumulated … Read more