The PS4 / PS5 / Switch version of “Simulated High Pressure Washing” is officially launched. The next wave of free DLC is confirmed as “Midgar’s Special Commission” “PowerWash Simulator”

SQUARE ENIX announces that the stress-relieving sim “Simulated high pressure cleaning(PowerWash Simulator)” was launched on January 31 on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch platforms. At the same time, the free DLC “Special Commission of Tomb Raider” will be released, and players of all platform versions can download it. Release promotional video PlayStation Store Nintendo eShop … Read more

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will not participate in E3 2023 according to rumors

In the world of videogames, for many years, the month of June was special, not because there were big releases, but because it is the month in which the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3which for many years was the most important fair in the world of videogames in which the most important companies … Read more

The World Before” Japanese version for PS5 released, launch trailer « doope!

The latest work in the popular adventure series “Syberia: The World Before”, which was launched for PC in March last year, and was released for Xbox Series X | The Japanese version of PS5 has been released for sale, and the latest subtitled launch trailer depicting two main characters, two eras, and two stages has … Read more

LEGO Batman 4 is in development and TT Games has canceled several games, according to a rumor

TT Games has a long history developing at an astonishing rate multiple installments of video games of LEGOAlthough according to a recent Twitter post by Stephen Sharples, a developer who spent more than fourteen years holding various positions at the studio until 2021, things may not be going well for the company. Although the tweet … Read more

Free video games | ‘Dead Space’ comes to the world of ‘Fortnite’ [VIDEO] | VIdeojuegos | Dead Space | Fortnite | PS4 | PS5 | Sony | PlayStation | Microsoft | Xbox One | Xbox Series X | PC | VIDEOJUEGOS

Updated 01/24/2023 10:34 PM m. As previously revealed, the universe of ‘Dead Space’ is now available at ‘Fortnite’. That’s right, the appearance (‘skin’) of ‘Isaac Clarke’, various cosmetic elements and missions have come to the free title. This new package is now available for various platforms: Epic Game Store, Xbox, PlayStation y Nintendo Switch. Also, … Read more

Analysis NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti, is it worth it?

You may also be interested in: NVIDIA presented during the final months of 2022 the new generation of its graphics cards for gamers, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series built around the architecture of Ada Lovelace that debut with the RTX 4090 for enthusiasts and with the RTX 4080 for those who want to game … Read more

Limited time sale of “Dragon Quest” series title for Nintendo 3DS! | Dragon Quest Paradise (Drapara) Dragon Quest Official Site | SQUARE ENIX

During the period from January 20, 2023 (Friday) to February 2, 2023 (Thursday), you can purchase the download version of the “Dragon Quest” series title for Nintendo 3DS at a great sale price at the Nintendo eShop. , We will carry out a limited-time sale. Don’t miss this opportunity! Square Enix 3DS New Year Sale … Read more