Liga 1 Transfer Exchange 2021, Persija Boyong Target Persib, PSIS, Persebaya, Arema FC? Player Figure

TRIBUNNEWSSULTRA.COM – Update transfer market League 1 2021, Persija Jakarta wooing target Persib Bandung, PSIS Semarang, Persebaya Surabaya, until Arema FC? Persija is increasingly rumored to be buying a number of foreign and local players in the mid-season transfer window BRI League 1. The Liga 1 transfer market will be open from December 15, 2021 … Read more

PSIS Semarang Launches Tactical Training, Imran Nahumarury Calls This A Danger From PSS Sleman

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM PSIS Semarang coach, Imran Nahumarury, is monitoring his players in the fourth week of the 2021 Liga 1 match at the Madya Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, September 25, 2021. BOLASPORT.COM – Coach PSIS Semarang, Imran Nahumarury, advised his players to take full advantage of training before the match against PSS. PSIS Semarang … Read more

PSIS Semarang player Jandia Eka Putra Becomes BRI’s Favorite Player in league 1 – Laga Bhayangkara FC vs PSIS Semarang on week 14 BRI Liga 1 Indonesia 2021/2022 ended with a score of 0-0. Attack after attack by The Guardians made the back line PSIS Semarang hassles. Lucky built attack Bhayangkara FC can be blocked by the goalkeeper PSIS Semarang Jandia Eka Putra. Also Read: PSIS Semarang … Read more

Liga 1 transfer market 2021, Persebaya’s turn to answer player rumors after Persib PSIS Arema Persija PSM

TRIBUNNEWSSSULTRA.COM – Update transfer market League 1 2021, Persebaya Surabaya answer player rumors over Persib Bandung, PSIS Semarang, Arema FC, Persija Jakarta, PSM Makassar. Rumors of Persebaya will bring in the bomber Tira Persikabo Ciro Alves finally answered by the coach of Bajul Ijo, Aji Santoso. Previously, a number of teams also answered rumors of … Read more

Jandia Eka Threatened to Cut Salary from PSIS Due to Spitting on PSM Striker Anco Jansen Screenshot PSIS Semarang goalkeeper, Jandia Eka Putra, was caught on camera wearing a Joko Ribowo jersey in the match against PSM Makassar, Monday (22/11/2021). BOLASPORT.COM – Goalkeeper PSIS Semarang, Jandia Eka Putra threatened a pay cut when proven to spit on the attacker PSM Makassar, Also Jansen. Match between PSIS Semarang and PSM Makassar … Read more

Bruno Silva’s Post-Print Expression of PSIS Semarang vs PSM Makassar Victory, I have been ridiculed, humiliated – Striker PSIS Semarang Bruno Silva finally proved his resurrection when facing PSM Makassar in week 13 of BRI league 1 Indonesia 2021/2022. A wild ball can be used Bruno Silva and nestled in the goal guarded by Hilman Syah in the match which had only been running for 5 minutes. The only goal … Read more

PSM Makassar Prepares This Strategy to Break PSIS Semarang Defense

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM The PSM Makassar squad is briefing in the first week of the 2021 Liga 1 match at the Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, West Java, 5 September 2021. BOLASPORT.COM – Coach PSM Makassar, Milomir Seslija have prepared a strategy to deal with PSIS Semarang in match week 13 League 1 2021/2022. PSM Makassar … Read more

Tira Persikabo vs PSIS Semarang League 1 Results: Mahesa Jenar Apes

The following are the results of the 12th week of the 2021-2022 Liga 1 season between Tira Persikabo vs. PSIS Semarang, Thursday (18/11/21) afternoon WIB. INDOSPORT.COM – Here are the results of the first match of the third series or week 12 of the highest caste competition League 1 the 2021-2022 season between Tira Persikabo … Read more

PSIS Slumps in the Hands of Ian Andrew Gillan, Official Management Calls Again Imran Nahumarury – All Pages

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM PSIS Semarang coach, Imran Nahumarury, is monitoring his players in the fourth week of the 2021 Liga 1 match at the Madya Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, September 25, 2021. <!– –> <!– –> BOLANAS.COM – Management PSIS officially call Imran Nahumarury to accompany Ian Andrew Gillan in series three League 1 2021/22. … Read more

In order to support Mahesa Jenar’s Laskar, PSIS Commissioner Junianto calls out tens of billions…

MY KENDAL – For the sake of living the club Laskar Mahesa Jenar, Commissioner PSIS Semarang Junianto call tens of billions is not a problem. Commissioner PSIS Semarang, Junianto has joined Laskar Mahesa Jenar since June 2021 by investing a 30 percent stake. Junianto boost Laskar Mahesa Jenar to spend tens of billions since joining … Read more