This is the firm sanction of the PSSI Komdis against Persib Bandung in the aftermath of several incidents at the GBLA Stadium

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – The PSSI Disciplinary Commission (Komdis) finally imposed sanctions on Persib BandungSunday 27 June 2022. Punishment to Persib Bandung is the aftermath of the events that colored the match some time ago at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium. That is, when Persib Bandung be the host of the match 2022 President’s Cup … Read more

Positive Notes of the Bandung Local Panpel According to the PSSI Komdis

REPUBLIC OF BOBOTOH – Despite receiving sharp attention from many parties after the deadly GBLA incident that killed two people, the Bandung local committee still has a series of positive notes from the PSSI Komdis. There are at least 9 points excess of the Bandung local committee when holding the Persib vs Persebaya match at … Read more

List of sins from the Persib vs Persebaya Panpel Panpel Results of the PSSI Komdis trial, Bonek demands compensation

SURYA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The following is a list of the ‘sins’ of the match organizing committee (Panpel) Persib Bandung vs Persebaya Surabayaaccording to the results of the Disciplinary Commission Session (Komdis) PSSI. Trial results PSSI Komdis was held following the deaths of two Bobotoh (nicknamed Persib supporters) because they were trampled on in the match … Read more

FIFA Announces U20 2023 World Cup Schedule in Indonesia – FIFA has announced the official schedule World Cup U20 2023 in Indonesia. FIFA says the U20 World Cup will be kick-off on May 20 and will end on June 11, 2023. Indeed, Indonesia has been named the host of the U20 World Cup in 2021. However, FIFA announced the cancellation of the U20 … Read more

2022 World Cup, Al Rihla Ball Made in Madiun All – Indonesia also “contributed” to the event 2022 World Cup from Qatar. 2022 World Cup official ball, Al Rihlathe adidas product was made in Madiun, East Java, Indonesia. East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa ensured that Indonesia played a role in the production of the Al Rihla ball. “Alhamdulillah, today we together release ball … Read more

The Vision of the President of FAM and the Chairman of PSSI in Strengthening the National Team, Who is Faster to Advance?

FAM.ORG.MY, PSSI.ORG FAM President Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin and PSSI General Chair Mochamad Iriawan have different visions of their respective national team coaches, Kim Pan-gon and Shin Tae-yong (insert). SUPERBALL.ID – Indonesian National team and Malaysia both have coaches from South Korea, but what are their respective federations doing to strengthen the top level of … Read more

Is it true that Shin Tae-yong is overwhelmed by the senior national team?

Jakarta – Shin Tae-yong requested PSSI focus on handling Indonesian U-19 National Team just. Is it true that the Korean coach was overwhelmed by the various age groups of the national team? When PSSI was introduced in December 2019, it was announced that Shin Tae-yong would handle various age groups Indonesian National team. From the … Read more

Kaesang Pangarep is serious about advancing to become the chairman of PSSI, his fate is at stake, Indonesia – Kaesang Pangarep seems serious about going forward to run for the chairmanship of PSSI in the coming period. Of course, Persis Solo’s fate will be at stake. As is known, Mochamad Iriawan’s position as the chairman of PSSI will end next year. He successfully won the Election Congress in November 2019 to … Read more

Pasoepati is ready to escort Kaesang forward to become PSSI chairman

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — DPP President PasoepatiMaryadi Suryadharma or known as Maryadi Gondrong supports Kaesang Pangarep so PSSI general chairman. For Maryadi, the son of President Joko Widodo meets the requirements to run as PSSI General Chair, not a matter. The problem is if you do not meet the requirements but are forced to pass … Read more

5 Unique Requests for Shin Tae-yong in the Indonesian National Team, Number 1 for PSSI Chairman Touched: Okezone Bola

5 Shin Tae-yong’s unique request in the Indonesian national team is interesting to discuss. Shin Tae-yong has been coaching the National Team for a long time (Indonesian National teamsince January 2020. For more than two years dealing with the Garuda squad, everyone has started to get to know the coach from South Korea. Shin Tae-yong … Read more