PTT expects in the year 65 Dubai crude oil prices average 67-75 USD/barrel.

Ms. Chanattha Rerkchairasamee, oil price analyst, PTT Group (PRISM) IRPC Public Company Limited (IRPC), said that in addition to the demand for oil that affects the price of oil Supply is also important. That caused the tightness of oil prices to a high level. The tight supply is expected to ease in 1Q12, and in … Read more

economic recovery – global warming Challenging the 65 Energy Management Plan

Webinar 2021 The Annual Petroleum Outlook Forum on the topic “Global Climate Action for A Better World – Joining forces to create a better world” Team PRISM Expert PTT together with the Petroleum Refinery Industry Group, PTSD, held continuously as 10th year in order to presentdirection and trend of oil prices in the world market … Read more

PTT Distributes Money to Housewives, Application is Required, Income Certificate is Not Required

A last-minute campaign was announced to people who are housewives via the PTT. By making an agreement with PTT Aktifbank, it is making a 5000 TL cash campaign for people who are housewives and do not have income documents. Those who want to benefit from the cash campaign up to 5000 TL can apply through … Read more

Those who heard flocked! 5,000 TL cash payment will be given to the applicant from the PTT toll booths! Applications broke the record, it’s time!

The forthcoming announcement, like medicine for the Millions in urgent need of cash, was personally burned by the minister. You can get 5000 TL cash payment by applying from PTT toll booths whenever you want. Payments are made according to the application and there is an application period. It was learned that the applications broke … Read more