5% for behavior, 5% for attendance, and 10% for testing..Education publishes a distribution of works

07:30 p.m Monday 26 September 2022 I wrote – Mennat Allah Abdel Rahman: Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education, revealed the details of the implementation of the work of the year in the new academic year 2022/2023. The Minister of Education indicated that the year’s work for students, starting from the sixth … Read more

Buckingham publishes the first image of the final resting place of Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II’s tomb LONDON.- The Buckingham Palace posted this saturday the first image of Queen Elizabeth II’s final resting place in Windsor. The black tombstone was placed on the floor of the George VI Memorial Chapel, where the monarch was laid to rest on Monday. The stone is engraved in memory of the queen, her … Read more

Buckingham Palace publishes a photo of the final resting place of Queen Elizabeth

Buckingham Palace published a picture, Saturday, of the resting place Queen Elizabeth The latter is in the Royal Chapel in Windsor, in which a stone bears her name and the names of her parents and husband, Prince Philip. The stone, made of black Belgian marble, is placed in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, which … Read more

GOAT Games publishes Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas across Europe

Berlin (ots/PRNewswire) – Leading mobile games brand GOAT Games released their new title: Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas across Europe on September 21st, after launching to great acclaim in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. The game had one million users in its first month in the global market and reached #1 in the … Read more

Angie Khoury publishes her pictures in modest clothes only.. Is her association with Adham Nabulsi related?!

The Syrian actress was shockedAngie KhouryFollowers, due to the change of her private page on social networking sites significantly. After she intended to publish scandalous pictures of her and stir controversy with her nude looks, she turned to publishing pictures in modest clothes only, and a very new block.The audience expressed their astonishment at her … Read more

More than three months after their separation, Yasmine Sabry breaks her silence and publishes the dirty laundry of Abu Hashima, and this is what she said about taboos.. Shocking statements!!

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Rafael Fernández publishes a strong message after conciliation with Karla Tarazona: “These are difficult days”

The businessman of the ‘eggs’ Rafael Fernandez showed in a story Instagram a message that would make it understood that he has been and is in his most difficult days. In the photograph she can be seen with a friend with whom she would also share the cycling hobbya sport that the ex-partner of Karla … Read more

NASA publishes new images of the Juno spacecraft that reveal the true colors of Jupiter

by | Khaled Younes | Saturday 03 September 2022 – 08:00 PM Copy short link A new image taken by NASA’s Jupiter explorer Juno reveals features in the turbulent atmosphere of the solar system’s largest planet in the same colors as a human observer. Juno captured the image on July 5, 2022, during its 43rd … Read more

It’s all over.. Al-Mulhim publishes an angry tweet about Al-Nasr coach’s choices for this season!

Sports Al-Marsad: Sports journalist Adel Al-Mulhim published an angry tweet about Al-Nasr coach Garcia’s choices for the players for this season. Al-Mulhim wrote on his Twitter account: Everything is over and victory will complete his season without a midfielder or striker. ). The important thing is that we should not be surprised in the coming … Read more

Maripier Morin publishes a photo of herself expressing her milk

If you don’t follow young people on Instagram, you may not be familiar with the concept of photo dump. • Read also: France Castel holds back her tears while talking about her daughter to Maripier Morin • Read also: Maripier Morin celebrates the birthday of his boyfriend Jean-Philippe Perras with a rare photo of a … Read more