a famous producer predicted the future of Pugacheva in Russia when she returns from Israel

Alla Pugacheva has been living in Israel for the fourth month, where she disappeared with her husband Maxim Galkin and twins Harry and Lisa. She commented on the hasty departure from the country by going on vacation, holidays and for treatment. And she promised to return by September, when the children would have to go … Read more

the plans of the escaped Pugacheva were revealed by her friend

It became known when the Primadonna will return to Russia. There are a lot of rumors about the return of Alla Pugacheva to Russia. Fans and star colleagues every now and then guessingwhen the singer returns to her native country. The other day, a close friend of the Primadonna, a well-known designer Igor Gulyaev, shared … Read more

Russian authorities take revenge on Pugacheva and Galkin: plans to confiscate castle Names

Talks about the real estate of Alos Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin in Russia spread as soon as they left for Israel. According to Segodnya, the couple had already started selling their castle in the village of Griazo. After a while, the country itself began to encroach on the property of celebrities who left … Read more

Galkin, who celebrates his birthday, shared a rare photo: Internet users are surprised by Pugacheva, she doesn’t believe she is 73 years old

Volume Russia the creator of the parody and presenter showed the family idyll captured in the photo on the occasion of his birthday. A. Pugacheva’s wife published the photo in her Instagram account. The photo shows M. Galkin, A. Pugacheva and their two children Liza and Harry. “Birthday! The family is a force! ”The comedian … Read more

Poplavskaya stood up for the castle of Galkin and Pugacheva

The famous actress recalled the current legal and moral laws. Yana Poplavskaya intervened in the discussion of the fate of the castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. The prima donna, who left for Israel, previously hinted that in September she could fly to Russia with her children. Her husband did not comment on this … Read more

Russia hates a rage against Alai Pugacheva: a new harvest is being prepared for the prima dad

There are those who say that the origins of such a film about the “traitor” are in the Kremlin, informs Ukraine news agency UNIAN. Hate for A. Pugachyov In Russia has recently become a fashion item. The plot shown in the morning program “Snidanku z 1 + 1” reveals what hate the local elite has … Read more

A. Pugacheva “closed her mouth” to critics: defended a spouse called a traitor

Russian singer Alla Pugacheva, who went to Israel with her husband Maxim Galkin and children, defended her husband, who is criticized in the Russian Federation for his anti-war stance and support for Ukraine. Recently, a video wave of criticism struck Galkin’s concerts in Israel on social media. Many Russians call him a traitor to his … Read more

Porgina was shocked by the flight of Pugacheva to Israel

Ludmila Porgina According to the actress, she believed that the Primadonna would return to her homeland a couple of weeks after her departure. The widow of Nikolai Karachentsov, Lyudmila Porgina, admitted that she was very sad because of the flight of Alla Pugacheva to Israel. According to the artist, she was generally extremely surprised that … Read more

Public insult to Alai Pugacheva in Moscow: primadona herself reacted to such Russian attack after a long pause

Ant In Moscow an uncensored inscription in capital letters for the famous appeared on the Ostankino television building Russia to a singer who went to Israel when Russian Federation (RF) has launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, unian.net reports. Video filming “Ala, how good you escaped. Ala, you’ve been here all a long time for … Read more

Ala Pugacheva no longer survives insults in Moscow: retaliates after more than a month of silence

A video was shown on the social network’s Telegram channel NEXTA Live showing an uncensored inscription on the Ostankino television building in Moscow for Russian singer Alai Pugacheva, according to unian.net. The inscription on the wall of the building appeared in large letters: “Ala, how good it is that you escaped. Ala, you’ve been here … Read more