State of stress: what are the practices to follow to relax?

Understand a state of stress to better deal with it Stress: what is it? A natural reaction that manifests itself emotionally and physically, stress usually arises in the face of a particular situation. If it is chronic in nature, it can manifest itself differently, through different disorders. It is therefore triggered by a situation assimilated … Read more

Etihad Airways named Middle East’s most punctual airline

Sharjah 24 – WAM: Official Airline Guides Database (OAG), the global aviation analytics group, has named Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, as the most punctual airline in the Middle East and among the most reliable in the world. In its Punctuality League rating for 2022, OAG listed Etihad as the … Read more

Most punctual airlines in the world in 2022 | Trends

One of the most frequent complaints from travelers in air transport is the lateness of the airlines, which occurs due to different logistical causes that delay the itineraries. (Mintransporte denies suggesting cost reduction in airlines). However, just as the complaints for this cause stand out, it is also worth noting those airlines that register the … Read more