The Beginning of Surgical Practice, Puncture the Skull from Health Reasons to Expel Demons, Jakarta – In the past, the practice of surgery was not like today. It is not yet known what kind of tool the first surgeon used. But a knife or scraper in the Stone Age alone was sharp enough to slice meat. Steve Parker in the book Medicine The Dafinitive Illustrated History explained that … Read more

VIDEO: Record number of infections, extra puncture location in Dokkum

Friday 05 November 2021 LEEUWARDEN – The number of new corona infections in Fryslân has never been higher than last week. An additional 1943 positive tests were added, 343 more than a week earlier. The highest score to date was in the week before Christmas (1801) last year. The increase of one fifth is slower … Read more

They test airless tires that do not puncture and have already set a release date

Presented in the past Munich Motor Show, Michelin presented the latest version of its airless tires which he has already started to test in real situations. The company began the tests precisely in the German city and with common passengers aboard a Mini electric which is equipped with these particular wheels that are nothing like … Read more

Finally the vaccine without a puncture (the 3D patch arrives)

Image of the vaccine in 3D patch, released by the universities that have led the research. The scientists of the Stanford University and the University of North Carolina They have announced what may be the beginning of the goodbye to shots in vaccines. And it is that both institutions have created a 3D printed vaccine … Read more

Vaccines: in Messina doses without puncture, first city in Europe

The vaccine without the use of the needle, administered thanks to a jet of air “shot” on the skin. A system that guarantees total absorption intramuscularly. It is the innovative method to administer anti-Covid vaccines that will be used in Messina, the first city in Europe. The Comfort-in medical device has been designed for subcutaneous … Read more

Covid vaccine without puncture in Messina, are the first in Europe

Vaccines without puncture. Messina is the first city in Europe that will use an innovative method to administer anti-covid vaccines: the technology, already used in the USA, Australia and India, consists of a high-speed jet that completely replaces the use of the needle, therefore of the traditional puncture, and guarantees total absorption of the vaccine … Read more

In Italy the vaccines without puncture arrive: the first in Europe

Editorial board July 27, 2021 11:55 am Goodbye needle and pricks, for many reasons of fear and annoyance: the first vaccines without puncture arrive in Italy. It will start from Messina, which will thus become the first city in Europe to use this innovative method for the administration of the anti-covid serum. This technology, already … Read more

Experte: “Encourage van Linde Merckpoel to puncture the pink cloud, psychological counseling also needed for pregnant women”

“I’ve really been mourning what I might have to give up. I feel like a carrier, actually. A receptacle. When I look in the mirror, I don’t recognize myself,” admits Merckpoel. The extra pounds are hard on her and then there is her freedom. “I like to work (I work a lot), I like to … Read more