He leaves the dog to die on the balcony without food or water and goes on vacation: puppy rescued by the neighbors

The neighbors fed the animal by lowering the food onto the balcony with a basket. When the man returned they attacked him: the carabinieri had to save him from lynching. He had been alone on a balcony for days, abandoned to itself and without the ability to feed. It happened in Rome: a man went … Read more

The story of Coleman, the puppy dog ​​thrown into a garbage can along with his kennel

They threw him in a garbage can. He lay there among garbage bags and a spoiled watermelon. He just poked his head out. He did not move, lying down, almost clinging to what was his kennel. Probably not a nice gesture, but thrown away too. The protagonist of this sad and cruel story of abandonment … Read more

How to start well with your puppy

9:15 a.m. We all have a honeymoon when our pup comes home! Everything is funny, everything is cute. Even the bad moves are… But quickly these little unwanted behaviors will become bigger and more uncontrollable! See your puppy’s education as the foundation of a home, the stronger it is the better it will be in … Read more

A woman who came from Estonia to Alytus to pick up her desired puppy soon got a shock

The 34-year-old Estonian found an ad about terrier dogs for sale in Alytus on social networks, in a special group. The woman was satisfied with the price of the animal – 800 euros. She communicated with the owners of the kennel in English on the phone through a chat app. Esté immediately transferred 300 euros … Read more

Carlos Rivera is in mourning; he announces the death of Bono’s puppy

Charles Rivera is on vacation in Europe with Cynthia rodriguez, where they are enjoying each other’s company in what seems to be their honeymoon, this after sand it was rumored that they got married in Spain a few weeks ago. And although it seems that everything is going well for the couple, the singer in … Read more

Son Ye-jin, the first recent situation after denying the ‘pregnancy rumor’… The main character of the newlywed life is the dog ‘Kitty’

<!– 뉴스 –> Son Ye-jin, the first recent situation after denying the ‘pregnancy rumor’… The main character of the newlywed life is the dog ‘Kitty’ Edited 2022.06.03 13:37Enter 2022.06.03 13:25 Photo = Son Ye-jin’s Instagram [아시아경제 온라인이슈팀] Actress Son Ye-jin, who returned from her honeymoon, shared her peaceful daily life with her dog. On the … Read more

Puppy dies due to alleged negligence on a bus trip from Poza Rica to CDMX

A Facebook user denounced negligence on the part of the future company, after his pet died due to lack of maintenance in his units due to lack of air conditioning while traveling. On May 20, Carolinna Mh made a live video where she narrated that she bought a ticket for Poza Rica to Mexico City … Read more