Dog CR7: puppy walks onto the pitch, steals the ball and dribbles players in Bosnia (video)

The match between FK Sloboda Tuzla and NK Posusje in Bosnia was put on hold for a few seconds. Blame it on a little puppy who disrupted the smooth running of the meeting. The latter, very intrigued by the ball, managed to slip onto the lawn. He then jumped on the ball to never let … Read more

The monkey held the puppy hostage for three days. Eventually, she fell from a height of several meters

A black and white puppy named Saru was one of the dogs that disappeared on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. The two-week-old cub was seized by a wild monkey, which climbed into the treetops with it. She refused to give up the puppy for three days before finally dropping it into the bushes. … Read more

Rabies Vaccination Campaign in Búzios will take place in September | Whelks

Rabies Vaccination Campaign in Búzios will take place in September – Búzios City Hall Rabies Vaccination Campaign in Búzios will take place in SeptemberBuzios City Hall Published 09/01/2021 2:54 PM Búzios – The Department of Health of the municipality of Armação dos Búzios, in the Lakes Region of Rio, through the Zoonoses Control will carry … Read more

The puppy from “Chłopaki do tak” (“Boys to Take”) has undergone an amazing metamorphosis! You will fall at the sight of his chest! [FOTO] – Super Express

Author: Facebook Ryszard “Szczena”, “Chłopaki do tak”, Polsat Szczena was one of the most characteristic heroes of the “Chłopaki do się” program. His participation in the show was interrupted by numerous stays in prison. The man also struggled with a serious alcohol problem, and his controversial relationship with Joanna still evokes a lot of emotions. … Read more

Disaster for newcomers, there are sixteen infected players! And twenty positives in the Jihlava puppy

Hockey players of České Budějovice during the cup match with Pilsen Vaclav Pancer, ČTK “Monday’s testing of players revealed that there are sixteen positive cases of covid-19 in the Motor team. The club is still in contact with hygiene and will communicate with it about every next step, “said the South Bohemians on their official … Read more

TikTok viral: thought she adopted a pitbull puppy, but eventually found out she was scammed | video | photos | viral challenge | challenge | animals | pets | mexico | brazil | social networks | Social networks

Thousands of users TikTok They have been moved to see a video with the shocking testimony of a young woman who shared what she really felt when she learned that her beloved pet, a supposed pit bull dog, turned out to be of a totally different breed and she had been deceived by an unscrupulous … Read more

YouTube viral: they find an abandoned puppy, take him to the vet and discover his true identity | Viral video | Canada | Animals | Social networks

A video viral disseminated in YouTube it amazed thousands of users, especially animal lovers. The clip reveals the true identity of a small puppy which had the appearance of a dog. The author of the discovery published the images in the social networks and the history of this animal became a trend. A married couple … Read more

A man in Olomouc brutally killed a puppy, his companion found the animal in a container

He was to commit a brutal act at the beginning of March this year in one of the Olomouc flats after his girlfriend left for work. “He killed a five-month-old pug puppy and then threw him and his belongings into a container in front of the house. The companion found the dog there and reported … Read more