Barito Putera vs Borneo FC results in Liga 1 2021-2022: Boaz Salossa scores a goal, Pesut Etam wins 2-0: Okezone Bola

DENPASAR – Borneo FC succeeded in overthrowing Barito Putera in the follow-up match League 1 2021-2022 on Friday (14/1/2022) evening WIB. The team nicknamed Pesut Etam precisely won 2-0 over Barito Putera thanks to goals from Wahyudi Setiawan in the 55th minute and Boaz Saloss in the 90+1 minute. The course of the match First … Read more

Rahmad Darmawan Officially Becomes the New Coach of PS Barito Putera

League 1 Info, – Rahmad Darmawan officially becomes the new coach of PS Barito Putera after successfully bringing RANS Cilegon FC promotion to League 1. During the 2021 Liga 2 final match, they had to lose to Persis Solo 2-1 at the Pakansari Stadium, Bogor last Thursday (30/12/2021). The joining of the coach from … Read more

Rahmad Darmawan Officially Trains Barito Putera

The puzzle of the person who will manage Barito Putera, for the second round of Liga 1 2021/22, has finally been answered. Laskar Antasari officially announced Rahmad Darmawan as the new coach. Rahmad replaces Djadjang Nurdjaman, who was kicked out in the first round. The former interpreter of the Persib Bandung formation stepped down from … Read more

BRI League 1 Transfer Surprise on New Year’s Eve: Indonesian National Team Winger Leaves PSS, Rahmad Darmawan Trains Barito Putera, Jakarta – Some mid-season transfer surprises BRI League 1 2021/2022 takes place on New Year’s Eve. Indonesian National Team Winger, Irfan Jaya, left PSS Sleman. PSS announced the end of its collaboration with Irfan Jaya on Friday (31/12/2021) evening WIB on the club’s Twitter account, @PSSleman. “Thanks Irfan Jaya for his dedication and hard … Read more

Liga 1: Janur sacked, Barito Putera rumored to approach Jurgen Klopp KW

Liga 1 club Barito Putera is rumored to be approaching a new coach, Tomas Trucha aka Jurgen Klopp KW. INDOSPORT.COM – After coach Djajang Nurdjaman was officially sacked in the middle of Liga 1 2021, Barito Putera now rumored to be approaching a new coach, Jurgen Klopp KW. The figure who has a facial resemblance … Read more

After Depak Miftah Anwar Sani, PS Barito Putera Ready to Be Active in the Transfer Exchange, Have You Pocketed a Name?

JOURNAL OF GARUT – Officially a left-back player Anwar Sani“>Miftah Anwar Sani leave the club PS Barito Putera. PS Barito Putera will be active in transfer market players, the management will recruit players who can contribute well. After being kicked out of PS Barito Putera, the rumors Anwar Sani“>Miftah Anwar Sani will be anchored to … Read more

Get One More Player, Persebaya Optimistic to Defeat Barito Putera

HARRYHARTOMO Persebaya Surabaya striker, Jose Wilkson Teixeira Rocha celebrates after scoring a goal against MAdura United, Saturday (20/11/2021) BOLASPORT.COM – Persebaya Surabaya take advantage of the time before the match against Barito Putera to do an evaluation. Two wins record Persebaya Surabaya finally stopped when they were held to a draw by Persik Kediri in … Read more

Wins Against Barito Putera, Arema FC Gets Bonus from Turkey

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM Arema FC striker, Carlos Fortes, seems to be celebrating after scoring a goal in the fifth week of the 2021 Liga 1 match at the Madya Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, September 29, 2021. BOLASPORT.COM – Arema FC got two happiness when competing in match week 13 against Barito Putera. Singo Edan is … Read more

Defeat Persik, Arema FC Immediately Steps on the Gas Preparation to Face Barito Putera

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM The Arema FC squad is conducting a briefing in the first week of the 2021 Liga 1 match at the Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, West Java, 5 September 2021. BOLASPORT.COM – Arema FC managed to get a 3-2 victory over Peach Kediri in match week 12 of the third series League 1 … Read more