Putin’s relocation to Venezuela? Social media about the Noah’s Ark plan

The actions of Putin and his entourage are shrouded in such a veil of uncertainty and uncertainty that the most exotic rumors begin to circulate around them. This week, just such a curious but unverified rumor has been in the spotlight. Abbas Gallyamov: I usually don’t retell insider stories, but today I will make an … Read more

Putin’s war economy

AGI – While the Russian army struggles on the battlefield, Vladimir Putin is squeezing the economy to feed the war effort and supply the war machine. The priority is to increase the production of missiles and ammunition. Making the task more difficult is inflation which this year has caused defense spending to rise by 30% … Read more

German Cheetahs defend the Ukrainian skies. Putin’s helplessness

German equipment eliminates Russian missiles on the front. The first video of the German Flakpanzer Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft gun in action has been released online. As a result of the Kremlin’s constant missile attacks, the Ukrainian Air Force has surrounded the entire country with anti-aircraft defenses. In this case, the Cheetah was used to protect … Read more

Macron Says He Sees Hatred in Putin’s Eyes

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin talks with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow, Russia, June 26, 2020. Photo/Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/REUTERS PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron sees “hatred” in the eyes of Russian President Vladimir Putin, for his belief that the West is trying to destroy his country. Speaking to CBS … Read more

Putin’s army faces major challenges in Ukraine. That must have surprised him.

Russia is struggling in Ukraine, and the goals seem increasingly distant. Now Vladimir Putin’s advisers are said to have started to tell him the truth. President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine has not gone smoothly. But how much does he really know? Western intelligence is not entirely sure of that. Photo: Mikhail Metzel, Sputnik/Reuters/NTB 5. … Read more

Kaliningrad is hit by Putin’s war. The economy suffers, instead of work allotments

Kaliningrad Oblast is an exclave, there is no direct connection to the rest of Russia. This put him in a particularly difficult position in the face of Western sanctions. The biggest challenge was the transport of goods. “The European Union has limited (one of the sanctions) the possibility of transporting any goods to Kaliningrad. This … Read more

Gray cardinal: Putin’s friend Patrushev is not only connected with the Russian president by bloody secrets

“Who really is N. Patrushev?” On the one hand, a shaggy old man, sincerely hoping that he is reading Great Britain of the prime minister SMS messages, whether fighting the West, delusional about of Ukraine plans to detonate the so-called “dirty bomb”. It would seem like some kind of mischievous, whiny old man… But in … Read more

Putin’s series of speeches in Moscow has fueled concerns about his health

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, speculation about the Kremlin’s master’s health suggests that he is battling several illnesses, including cancer and Parkinson’s disease, writes “Newsweek”. The latest speculation is about an accident in Moscow. 70-year-old Putin had an unfortunate fall at his official residence in Moscow on Wednesday evening, according … Read more

Putin’s platoon is gone. “There is already panic, the dominoes have gone”

– Their commanders can’t organize their offensive or defense properly. People just die because of their stupidity. I don’t know how many actually died. I think their number is much greater than the eleven who stopped contacting, says the employee, quoted by Astra. – There is already panic in many enterprises, there is a great … Read more

“Conquer Ukraine in 10 Days and Annex This August”: Putin’s Original Invasion Plans Revealed | War Ukraine and Russia

A British military think tank has obtained documents apparently signed by Vladimir Putin that reveal how the invasion was supposed to proceed. Russia planned to conquer Ukraine in 10 days and annex it in August this year, according to the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies (RUSI). Only a small group of … Read more