Covid: Ómicron puts the Mexican health system to the limit

The omicron variant maintains its unstoppable expansion in Mexico without giving up a day, confirming that the country is advancing heading to the top of the curve as is the case in the rest of the world. In less than a week the country recorded three daily infection records, a trend similar to Europe or … Read more

Jennifer Aniston just puts the towel on her body completely naked!

International actress Jennifer Aniston posted a set of photos through her own account on the social networking site.Jennifer appeared content with placing a towel over her body, without any clothes under it.Jennifer looked as if she was taking a shower, her hair still wet, and commented: “Humidity.”Jennifer Aniston had commented on rumors that she preferred … Read more

Is your car old? Toyota puts it like new twice – Observer

You have free access to all the articles of the Observer for being our subscriber. As the years (and kilometers) pass, cars degrade, some more quickly than others. The gaps and parasitic noises appear, along with benches that give up consistency, a dashboard where cracks appear and door panels decorated with scratches made by rings, … Read more

Suffering from cancer, Grégory Dasnoy puts football on hold at mid-season: “This disease has changed my way of seeing things”

Grégory Dasnoy has left Florenville. Suffering from cancer, the median is open-hearted. Whether in Jamoigne, Bleid, Bertrix, Poupehan and Florenville, Grégory Dasnoy left good memories. But Belgian football is over for the median. Active in Florenville for a year and a half, Grégory Dasnoy announced to the Florentine club that he would not continue for … Read more

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway puts fans in turmoil with a new face

In contrast to the filters that were banned before, the effect of the “pillow face” is so blatant that after a snippet of rum in the gossip sheets, one would probably read of a “beauty surgery fail”. And that is exactly what the inventor of the filter, Jonathan Augusto, intended, as he did towards him … Read more

Take-Two’s takeover of Zynga puts Ubisoft’s “operable” character back at the center of the game

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BMW puts an 8K screen and a Fire TV with Alexa in its car

At CES we see all kinds of technology. From the one that wants to become a bestseller, to demonstrations of the technological capacity of a firm, passing through curiosities whose usefulness on a day-to-day basis leaves us scratching our heads. No one can predict the future, but for now, the idea of ​​BMW and Amazon … Read more

This clip from Walmart puts the future of the metaverse in check

This video of the Walmart supermarket in virtual reality reveals the gaps related to the metaverse and the validity of the concept. On Twitter, a video has gone viral showing how Walmart conceives, supposedly, shopping in his supermarket within the metaverso. In the clip, a virtual avatar walks the aisles of the grocery store and … Read more

Fantasy football puts mental health at risk: study

A recent academic study highlighted the link between fantasy football and mental health – here’s how Auctions, players to be deployed and games to be followed with the utmost attention. Fantasy football is loved by everyone, young and old, who every year improvise as coaches and, day after day, try to win their championship. Nothing … Read more

She catches two thieves breaking into her home and puts them to flight

Posted on Sunday, January 9, 2022 at 11:15 a.m. This Saturday evening, a resident of Raeren surprised two men who were trying to break into her home. She started screaming, which had the effect of putting them to flight. This Saturday evening, around 9:30 p.m., a lady surprises two strangers, men, breaking into her house … Read more