Netflix removes A Quiet Place, The Quake and 11 other titles | NOW

Netflix not only adds titles to the range, but also removes films and series. announces every Tuesday which titles will soon disappear. The popular horror movie A Quiet Place will soon disappear from Netflix, just like the Norwegian disaster movie The Quake. The streaming service also removes, among other things, the third part of … Read more

Bethesda is giving away Quake II and Quake III

Bethesda’s fundraiser during this weekend’s Quakecon that Home eventually received over 30,000 dollars – about 267,000 kroner. As a thank you, the developer is giving away both Quake II and Quake III: Arena to anyone who is fast enough. Quake II is free now, but only until 6pm on Friday 14 August. The free doors … Read more

Hellbound, the Argentine game inspired by Doom and Quake

The Argentine team at Saibot Studios, known for the horror game series Doorways, last week launched the single-player campaign for Hellbound, its first-person action (FPS) game inspired by 90s classics like Doom and Quake. Hellbound, which the study presents as “An SPF from the 90s, 30 years later” does not deny its roots and prioritizes … Read more

Quake Champions received a new card – News

Released in 2017, Quake Champions hoped to renew the interest of competitive players, and register the license in a more contemporary era. Almost three years later, the players are not very numerous, which does not prevent the developers from continuing to support the title. As noted by NoFrag, Quake Champions has indeed received a new … Read more