Laluna Unique from “The Queens of Life” will have another surgery. “My dream face will change dramatically”

What is not done to be beautiful? Laluna Unique is one of those women who can endure a lot. In an interview for Dzień Dobry TVN she revealed that she has already had several plastic surgeries – “three breasts, two buttocks, tummy tuck, waist, nose twice”. Now she has informed on her Instagram profile about … Read more

Edzia from “The Queens of Life” faces criticism. Here’s what they are accusing her of

Edyta Nowak-Nawara, or Edzia from “The Queens of Life”, is Dagmara Kaźmierska’s best friend. Together they form an unstoppable duo – Edzia accompanies Dagmar in many moments, both happy and fun, and more difficult. The woman also shared her life – recently, happily in love, she got married.

Megacota Troubles. Szczecin celebrity developer at the exit of television?

Trouble for the Szczecin entrepreneur who shows his life in the TVN substation was brought by a Warsaw city activist. The resident of Szczecin may lose his place in the television program and announces that he will sue the Varsovian for slander. Information that Arkadiusz Zgorzelski will no longer be one of the heroes of … Read more

Who is Dagmara Kaźmierska’s friend? The celebrity revealed some details

Another celebrity candidate was Dagmara’s next friend. This time the feelings exploded for good. Adam and Edyta sealed the relationship with a wedding, which took place at the end of the seventh edition of the program. The couple chose Venice as the venue for the ceremony. Soon after this great event, it turned out that … Read more

This is how Dagmara Kaźmierska from the Queen of Life lives. White furniture and golden accessories! [7.09.21]

White furniture, golden accessories, lots of family photos – this is how Dagmara Kaźmierska from “The Queens of Life” lives. The participant of the TTV hit enjoys great popularity among viewers. Her instagram is watched by over a million users. On her profile, Kazmierska often shares private photos. Thanks to this, we can see how … Read more